Day 515: Game night

Day 515: Game night

Artwork tonight from Shusei Nagaoka, for the second time this week! This one is sooooo cool. Like, 2001 meets Sunshine meets Event Horizon.

We did a game night at Gary and Derrick’s tonight, which was super fun. We played a couple games, the first was “Ticket to Ride” which was tons of fun. The second was this game called “Avalon,” which was a Arthurian expansion of another game that I can’t remember the name of…but it was a modified version of the game “assasin,” where you have to guess who the bad guys are if you’re a good guy, and convince the good guys that you’re one of them if you’re a bad guy. Tons of fun, and a nice crowd of people to play with on top of it.

My day wasn’t *quite* as productive as I would have liked…BUT…it was still very productive. I got a half-days work editing-wise in that sets me up to finally finish this month tomorrow. I had HOPED to be finished today, but alas. It twas not in the Cardassians. It’s okay. I’ll be finished tomorrow. One last lesson, and an “easy” one at that.

I’m flip-flopping right now between just cranking that last lesson out tomorrow morning first thing, or doing my writing stuff tomorrow first thing. I’m not sure which I’ll pick. I *really* want to be finished with my editing work as soon as I possibly can…but then again, I’m going to feel *really* frustrated if I don’t have my writing done this weekend that I want to.

You know what, I want to be done with BOTH tomorrow…how about that? Get BOTH done tomorrow, and have Sunday to completely detox and relax. That’s the new plan.

Tomorrow, the Ho and I are going to this Shih Tzu meetup in the afternoon. We’re both suuuuper excited. It’s giong to be so cool to see all the fluff balls running around, figuring each other out. It’s going to be a lot of fun.

I finished Big Trouble in Little China today, which was my 25th movie of the year on my 100 movies in a year list. Which is great! It means that I’m on target to actually watch 100 movies this year. The movie made so little sense, if you really stopped to think about stuff, but it didn’t matter. It didn’t take itself seriously in the slightest, not for one second, and I really appreciated that. It was meant to be a romp, and a romp it was. Bravo to John Carpenter, although I hear he was extremely disappointed with how everything turned out box-office and marketing-wise for the movie. Obviously, though, the movie held its own in the end, because I remember people talking about it when I was young, thinking it was awesome when I was a teenager, and it still has a cult “following” today.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. Tomorrow is the day for “missions accomplished.” Wish me luck!