Day 517: Sunday Funday

Day 517: Sunday Funday

Artwork tonight from Jim Burns, some high-flying-car chase excitement!

It’s late already, so this has to be a short one. Blarg.

Played tennis with Mr. Clement this morning. It was BALLS trying to find a place to play. We finally got a court all the way over in Balboa. But, once we finally started *playing* it was pretty epic times. Very back and forth. Reed and I are pretty well matched skill-wise, which is a lot of fun. Makes for fun games all around, and rarely does one of the two of us run away with anything.

Then it was home for some food stuffs, and off to agility with the Coops AND the Coco. Coco was just spectating today. Coops had some issues with Bodie, the golden retreiver in class, but it was actually great practice for him to learn to not act that way, and we made a lot of progress with it. I was very happy with class today, and Coops was super focused after being disciplined.

Home after that, and I caught a quick nap before getting ready for Joe to come over and we recorded the latest episode of Green Collar Podcast. It’s almost opening day! We’re both excited about it, and excited to meet and digest the season as it happens. It’s going to be a very interesting year this year. We’re supposed to come up with all of our 2015 season predictions this year, and I honestly don’t know which way I’m going to fall on so many issues, including the most important: where the A’s will finish. There are just so many unknowns! And, that’s as fun as it is heart-aching.

Anyway, tomorrow begins a new month, and I want to start that in style, so it’s off to bed. See you on the flip!