Day 519: 2015's Q1

Day 519: 2015’s Q1

Artwork tonight from David A. Hardy. I’m always a sucker for the machine-behind-the-flesh story hook.

The first three months of the year, gone. That shit just isn’t right. Time, you need to slow down, for reals. Let us mortals catch our breath.

Liz just reminded me that Cooper has been coming lately to get me in the office on my work days. Coming up to me around 11:30, which is when I should be stopping work, booping me on my leg (where he presses his nose up against me), and then turning around and staring at me in the doorway until I get up. He then trots straight for the bedroom, looking over his shoulder to make sure I’m following him. He’s *clearly* telling me that it’s time for bed. It’s freaking adorable.

But, back to the first quarter of the year! Let’s see…I struggled a bit during January to get myself on a work schedule, but I finally figured that out in February. I ripped through my novel, and got a 1.5 draft done of that. I also got another draft done on Icarus…and though I was supposed to have ANOTHER draft of that done by yesterday…well, Sunday actually, I will as jesus christe is my witness have that draft done THIS WEEKEND. That’s pretty good, I suppose. Not “killing” it, per se, but pretty good. I also got my taxes done with the Ho…hit my goals for February and March work-wise…oh! And, I’m on target for watching 100 movies in the year. Not that that’s particularly important, mind you, but still. A goal reached. I’ve also begun the outlining for my next pilot script, which now that I sit here and type those words, I’m actually REALLY excited to get going on. Dive into some NEW characters, and a storyline different from Icarus, which has consumed me for the better part of a year.

So, yeah, turning my gaze forward, it’s to remember to keep the steady pace. Doing less more often, and keeping myself on “target” and calmly focused. April, May, and June have been very good to me the past couple years, and I want to keep that trend in place. That’s the goal. Set myself up for the second half of the year…which by all rights will be fully prepared for me to indulge in writing another novel. Suuuupppeeeerrrr excited about THAT. But, first – the more challenging work that I have so much less practice at: the scripts. TWO new pilot scripts. AND a full-blown rewrite of Starstuff.

Lots on the horizon, so much to do. It starts day by day, you know? That little bit every day. I’m *still* struggling to find my day-to-day goals. Maybe I need to start writing them down on here, especially since this “outlining” phase of the process can be very amorphous and indeterminate. Tomorrow, alas, is a rent day, which almost always takes up my writing hour time…but with the little time that I will have, hopefully a good half hour or so…let’s say I want to sketch out my cold open. We’ll start with that. Consider it a goal. Start Q2 off in style, baby!

I’m a little behind on my editing work from today, just because I sooo many sendbacks to deal with that were complicated in nature. But, I’m completely confident that I can catch up tomorrow. Some “easier” lessons that will help with that, if I can just stay focused. And, I will. Tomorrow will be a day of FOCUS. Then…four days off editing to set up my writing days routine. I can’t freaking wait!

Good night guys, and I hope your Q1 of 2015 was filled with more ups than it was downs 🙂