Day 520: Quickie

Day 520: Quickie

Tonight’s artwork is totally weird and AWSOME, and unfortunately uncredited.

Just finished my work day 😛 I didn’t *quite* make up all the time I wanted to, but I’m literally like two work hours away from it, and I can TOTALLY do that shit over the next four “off” days. PLUS, there will be four relatively easy lessons for me to then kick off my work week next week in style.

It’s not the rush of amazingness I wanted to feel at the end of the day today, but I am nonetheless feeling satisfied. I realized that I’m actually much further behind on my writing than I thought I was. That was a gut punch. BUT…it just means I need to figure out my writing days, which was the goal anyway, right? Right.

Ripped through some TNG today, and since I have my dual monitor, it’s super easy to take screen captures of anything that’s amazing (and by amazing, I mean hilarious). I did a few of those, but nothing that really delayed me working. It was a solid day today, guys. Did rent…ate some food.

Lol. These work days can be exceptionally simple and straightforward. That’s pretty much all I got. Oh! And the Green Collar Podcast is now up on iTunes. Should be searchable by tomorrow morning. That’s exciting. I’ve also worked it out with a wordpress plugin to create the feed automatically for me whenever I post a podcast episode, and that’s AWESOME. I used to do that shit by hand back in the Fresh Produce days.

Anywho, that’s all I got tonight. I want to take a show-show. More tomorrow 😉