Day 522: Hijacked

Day 522: Hijacked

Soooooo…today was NOT a shining example of a writing day. And, at the end of the day as I sit here…that is okay. It has to be, I suppose, if I really think about it because it IS the way it happened, but at the same time it genuinely feels okay. It was a series of events that I really had no control over.

The garage gate broke. That happened right after I got home from dropping rent off at the office. Luckily, I was able to get someone to fix it same day, but it took a good three hours of my time, right off the bat.

Then, suddenly, it was already lunch time and I still hadn’t gone grocery shopping, so THAT had to happen, obviously. That was awseom, actually, because Liz came with me and we shopped together. Always preferrable for us both to do our errands together, it really makes them much more bearable and enjoyable. My mom called as we were walking home, and I ended up talking with her then for about an hour.

My uncle was in a really bad car accident almost a week ago. She was in Fresno, which is where he’s in the hospital, and there just weren’t good signs today. She saw some things that made her very concerned in terms of the long-term outlook. Nothing is set in stone yet, the situation is still very much a wait-and-see…but at the moment, at least, things are not moving in the right direction. So, I was really just there to help talk her through what she was feeling and why, and kind of keep things in perspective. I’m generally pretty good at keeping things positive in bad situations…and I don’t mean that actually in that I’m bullshitting somebody, that’s not actually what I do. I just try  to keep an objective mind on things, and really just look for “options” in any situation…or just point out the possibility that “things will be okay,” which doesn’t mean that whatever bad shit is happening is going to go away, or even get better…oftentimes things *don’t* get better…but we still go on after all that. We cope. We adjust our realities…and that is what I mean by “things will be okay.” We’re not alone in these instances, and there are always options. I hope. “I don’t believe in the no-win scenario.”

So, that was intense. For sure. After that, I helped a tenant with something I *thought* was going to take 10 minutes as a look-see, but ended up being somewhat of an emergency. It involved a really important dinner being cooked, and a sink being stopped up that was threatening the really important dinner. That took me a good solid two hours to resolve, and then it was time to walk the pups.

The walk was beautiful, and I was back in time to watch the start of the game and eat some dinner…and I passed out on the couch for an hour and a half with the game on. Couldn’t keep my eyes open. Slept solid. I think the day had just kinda sapped me of energy. But, I woke up feeling better, and I ate dinner, and it was 10pm. Time when I start slowing down. I contemplated going to bed early, but then I remembered that I had this After Effects stuff to make visualizations for the podcast that I wanted to figure out…and so I did that, and they LOOK AWESOME. I’m super excited about it. Something interesting to look at while you listen to the show. I think people will like it. So, that is DONE. I have a video template I can use. I think I want to make two or three more with slight variations on the theme, and I can rotate through them all so it’s not stuck on one visual look the entire time. Keep things interesting, you know? Plus, it gives me an excuse to work with After effects, which I’ve finally come around to realize is seriously on of the COOLEST programs out there. It’s fucking awesome.

And, now, here I am. It’s almost 1:30 am and I did NOT feel like a write today.

I am going to fix that tomorrow. I know, now, it’s going to be a struggle. The struggle is REAL. But, I will grind through that pile of shit, guys, little by little. It starts tomorrow. I mean it, I really do. I’m going to go set my schedule right now, and make sure some napping is in there along with the work. I’m feeling a bit tie-tie at the moment, and it’s not helping me fight the good fight.

Hope you guys had a nice day, and I will see you on the flip tomorrow 😉