Day 526: Dead Keyboard!

Day 526: Dead Keyboard!

Another one tonight from Kuldar Leement. That red, doe!

It’s finally happened! My keyboard died (battery ran out, not *dead* dead). I haven’t charged it since the beginning of December, I believe. That’s pretty freaking good, huh?

It’s so weird writing this on my iPad without using the keyboard. Can’t say that I like it very much 😛 I remember being legitimately so worried when I first bought my iPad for the purposes of writing that I wouldn’t like using a keyboard with it. That the keyboard would be too small…that I was making a stupid investment just because I wanted something pretty. I’m so freaking happy to say that those fears were completely unfounded. This ipad has been the PERECT writing utensil. A pilot and a NOVEL on this bad boy. The most writing I’ve ever done, in fact. Proof is in the pudding, eh?

I had a long, busy day today. Several apartment items to attend to, some personal stuff, and lots and lots of editing work. I finished a couple minutes shy of a full 20 due to the shenanigans, but…BUT…I got my writing done today! Thank heavens, it actually happened. REAL writing done, with REAL pages written and edited. It’s a Christmas miracle.

I also finished the first season of TNG today and forged ahead into season two. Season one…man, it almost had no high points. The faintest seeds of the adventure to come are buried deep in there, but I mean REALLY deep. It’s the same with season two, although, we immediately introduce two BRILLIANT elements to the wonderful trek to come in the very first episode of the second season: Guinan, and Ten-Forward. Then, a couple episodes later, we finally put Geordi and Data together as besties in the first Data-as-Sherlock holoadventures. That’s what I’ve got myself to so far, just past that, actually, by a couple episodes.

The A’s lost tonight, showing off that unique talent we seem to have of taking mediocre-at-best pitchers and making them look like Cy Young himself on any given night. Hopefully we take the next two games to keep Joe and I on track with our predictions for the week’s worth of games.

Anywho, this whole typing on the iPad screen is actually quite tiresome 😛 I think that’s all for tonight. I’ll see y’al tomorrow after another long, productive day.

Oh! And it rained today! That’s always wonderful 🙂