Day 530: The times...they are Medieval

Day 530: The times…they are Medieval

Tonight’s entry has to be a quick one. It’s already 2am. I decided to power through on this last math lesson. I am now 4 minutes away from being TWO FULL DAYS ahead of my monthly goals. That means I can work a normal day on Monday, and take an entire week off. THAT SOUNDS MAGICAL. I could use it.

We went today to Medieval Times down in the OC for Kristens birthday. It was a grand time, for reals. Food was extremely straight-forward, and not in a bad way. Roasted chicken that you tear apart and eat with your hands? Yes, please. The show was entertaining enough. It was just a fun time.

The rest of the day today I worked, for the most part. Got to catch up with a couple friends…the A’s disappointed me with a loss…that’s about it.

See you tomorrow!