Day 531: Ahead

Day 531: Ahead

Ahhh! No credit on tonight’s artwork, but it is awesome!  I love ships in deep space like this. So cool!

I’m doing this blog entry so early tonight! It’s a christmas miracle. The other night, Liz was trying to convince me that I use the phrase “strike while the iron is hot” all the time in my blog entries, when after doing a phrase search on my site revealed it was actually the first time I’d ever written it…well, “christmas miracle” is the REAL “iron is hot” phrase on this here blog. I use that shit all the time.

I am EXHAUSTED. Got the little bit of work done today I wanted to, watched Game of Thrones, watched the A’s lose yet another heartbreaker to the Mariners, that’s two days in a row. But, it definitely wasn’t today that made me exhausted, it was this past week of not taking a single day off 😛 That will do it every time. But, it was worth it. I’m working tomorrow for a full day, and then I’m able to take the entire rest of the week off, all the way through Sunday. I can’t fucking wait. And, I have big ambitions about how to use my time, both for rest and relaxation as well as writing rhythm-ing.

It’s a new feeling, this being “ahead.” It’s just as tiring, to be honest. More so, actually, than a normal schedule. BUT…it feels good. I realize that I’ve put myself back a bit on that roller coaster lifestyle that is the bane of my existence, but the work queue will be EMPTY tomorrow morning for Remilon. If I hadn’t done what I did and worked when there *was* work to do, then facing an empty queue tomorrow would have been a decent-sized disaster. I know it was the last time it happened. Such is the “fragile” nature of my existence…or I suppose WAS the fragile nature of my existence. I’ve learned from that experience, and here I am. Still on target. Just like an X-Wing.

We just had an earth quake. Probably something in 2s to 3s range. Lasted one jolt. Nothing major, though twitter blows up instantly, obviously. I grew up in the most seismicly active region in the country, actually. Humboldt County has the most earthquakes each year, or at least it did while I was growing up, because we were situated a mere 20 miles or so from the “triple junction” where three techtonic plates meet. I grew up with earthquakes, big and small. The one we just had was a small one.

I really do think I’m going to put into practice this idea of always writing a novel and a script at the same time. I can alternate which is taking precedence, but having both always working at the same time appeals to me. I get the feeling, too, that I’m never going to be a “prestige”-type tinker-forever kind of writer. I want some quantity, actually. I *want* to write a ton of novels and scripts. I don’t need any single one of them to be a masterpiece…just good. Just entertaining. New worlds, new people. Get as much out as I can…beause the more I write…the closer I will feel to actually being any good. I hope. And, I definitely feel stalled on that front. I want to get past this Icarus script now. I want it to be good, which is why I’m *not* past it yet…but I also am very, very ready to learn from my next script. I will continue to tackle that issue in this coming week.

I think that’s all I have to muse about tonight. I really am very tired 😛 Oh! I realized something today. I got 100 minutes of finished editing work done, almost half a month’s work in one week…and it was also the first week of baseball. Not so long ago, baseball distracted me nearly to the point of paralysis. Well, no longer. I have kicked the problem. It *is* still a distraction of sorts, there is absolutely no denying that…but so is everything I do that’s not editing work or writing work – besides essential life stuff, like my wife, my dogs, eating, shitting, sleeping…that’s not what I mean. I mean golfing. Watching movies. Reading. TNG on the dual monitor while I work. Aka…all the things I do for leisure. That’s what baseabll is, a leisure activity, and it’s finally, actually been relegated to that corner of my psyche. I’m very happy about that. It’s a very fun, nice relationship. I can enjoy it while being productive. That’s freaking living the dream, right?

K, good night, y’all. I’m getting texts from friends of ours out of town talking about vibrators (earthquake jokes). I’m out. Maybe I’ll watch a TNG episode on my iPad. We’ll see 🙂