Day 532: Bee Sting

Day 532: Bee Sting

Man, what a day today. It was one intense event after another. Fo reals. I wish I could talk about it all with details, but not only is it 2am currently, it also involved a few areas which would be wholly inappropriate to share with the general public.

Suffice it to say that it was just a very emotional day of several otherwise un-related events capped off with our dog Coco stepping on a Bee on her walk with Liz, which she had to get removed by the vet. She’s fine, really, and currently being protected by Coops on the foot of the bed. Really, he moved his position as to be closer to her. Very endearing. Liz dealt with taking her over the hill to see the doctor, and I attempted to get back on track with editing work.

I *really* wanted to be done with my editing for the next six days, but I have about two hours left. I would have reached that goal, too, if the Coco incident of spring 2015 hadn’t happened. Liz has the worst luck with bee stings. We’ve had three of them in our time with the pups, and all three were with Liz on the walk. It will be a good thing, in the end. Now we know how she acts in response to a sting. We also know that she’s not allergic to the point where she’d go into shock or anything. Knowledge is power.

Anyway…that’s all for tonight. I’m going to map out my week. Joe and I shall podcast tomorrow. Liz and I will do a date night. I’m going to watch some movies and some baseball and play a round of golf. Sleep. Write. Read. It’s going to be fucking awesome.