Day 533: Rosy Outlook

Day 533: Rosy Outlook

Artwork tonight by Fred Gambino…pretty sure that’s Mercury right there, all hot and shit. Like a boss.

Today was the first of 6 days “off.” Holy SHYTE BALLS am I excited to have some days away from the editing grind, and more in touch with my writing and my leisure stuff…like cleaning the apartment, laundry, and golf. And, apparently, buying Star Trek shit on Amazon. I have two ships I ordered *months* ago finally coming in. An Excelsior and an Enterprise-A. Excited about those 🙂

We got our wedding video today, the full-length version of it. It’s a little disappointing. The shots are gorgeous, but the execution of the feature edit leaves much to be desired after the first 20 minutes or so. The Ho and I were just hashing out what to do about it, and I think Liz is going to do her own cut. We’ll see what happens. But, that’s why we paid extra to get our raw footage; so we could put something together ourselves if we needed to.

I’m writing the blog tonight out in the living room, actually. Coops is between Liz and I, and he just started snoring. He was feeling a little insecure today, I think, for whatever reason. Joe and I doing the podcast got him nervous for some reason, especially when we were wrapping up and Joe was getting ready to go. Not sure what that was about. We had a nice walk today, the pups and I, and I got to call my family for the first time in over a week. Everyone is actually doing quite well. My uncle isn’t doing that well objectively speaking, but relatively speaking to where he was about a week ago, he’s definitely made some improvements. Still remains to be seen what his long-term prognosis will be, however.

Joe and I did the podcast, which was a blast. This one was a lot of fun. There was just so much to talk about now that baseball is actually being played! Funny how that works, huh? And, Joe and I have good chemistry between the two of us, good banter. That’s what makes doing it fun. The whole impetus behind it in the first place, actually. See, we have these conversations about the A’s anyway, but now we’re recording them 😛

Still have to go take a shower before bed. I deserve it. And, baseball will be something I get to watch with breakfast tomorrow. Oh! And, that was the other thing I did today! I went grocery shopping. There is nothing the like the feeling of having a full fridge and cupboards! So, that will be fun. I’ll do that and laundry at the same time. Then, I might play some golf. I might just sleep. We’ll see.

I also got that straggler video edited today. Took me a couple hours that were interrupted with other things several times…but I got it done. Five more days now of bliss. Wish me luck!