Day 534: Wrecking Ball

Day 534: Wrecking Ball

Tonight’s artwork is SUCH A COOL DUNE piece, although it is unfortunately uncredited.

Didn’t get much done today 😛 BUT, my brother came into town, that wrecking ball sonofanamazinglady (see what I did there?)

My brother Seth is one of the few people I know who can out-talk even myself. And I can TALK guys…sometimes it’s an asset, sometimes it’s a liability, but it is definitely me. And Seth. He was down in San Diego at a job fair of sorts with an organization affiliated to his time in the Navy, and I knew he was coming up through LA on his way back home, I just wasn’t sure what day it was going to be, or how much time he wanted to spend.

We got food at Fatburger, and then we went and played golf down the street at the Par-3. It was freaking beautiful out. Warm, but the Weddington course has so much shade, we didn’t hardly feel it. That is probably my “home” course, if I had to pick one. I’ve played there the most times, I think. I come and go with it, and right now has definitely been more than I’ve played in the whole past year or so.

Anyway, we came home and had a nice meal cooked by the Ho, and we all sat down and watched The Heat, which is the FIRST movie that I’ve freaking watched this month. The first! And we’re half way through the month. Not good for my 100-movies-in-a-year goal. I over-did my last month, though, by a few movies, so I really only need to watch another…four movies I think this month? Very doable to stay on track 🙂 Because, you know, I know that you’re super worried about it and would be super disappointed in me if I didn’t hit my “movie” goal 😛 Just giving the people what they want!

The A’s did not give me a win today, sadly. I thought they were going to do it, but we ran up against a legitimately good young pitcher, and this line-up, while able to pounce upon a struggling pitcher, has had issues getting knocks against a pitcher with their stuff really working. That ability to grind out an at-bat up and down the line-up isn’t there. Yet. I’m hoping it will come at some point. Still, y’all, even though winning the first two games of a series REALLY makes you want to take the sweep, even when you lose that third game, you still have the series win. Series wins are what put you in the post-season 🙂

That’s all I got for tonight. I’ll catch you guys in the AM, and hopefully I get some solid work done!