Day 537: Business Relationships

Day 537: Business Relationships

Artwork tonight from Bob Eggleton, reminding all of us to blast off!

I went to a WGA Foundation event today all day. It was four panels of people in the “business,” writing TV shows. What I want to do. The last time I went and saw one of those panels, I remember the take-home for me was “just write.” I’ve *started* taking that to heart.

Today, the message was different for me. Perhaps because I am actually starting to write on a regular basis and have some samples to show for it. Today, the message was to find what one of the panelists Chris Broncato termed as “business relationships.” That, the only way to actually get your work into the right hands and have it read is to get on the INSIDE. Work with the people who do what you want to do, show them you’re a reliable person, and then they’ll consider giving you a “shot” at writing something for them.

I still feel woefully deficient when it comes to my sample work. I’m *this* much away from having my first script “done.” And, I put that in quotations because it won’t actually be DONE, I just want it good enough to put in other people’s hands as a representation of where I’m at skills-wise, and then move onto my next project. But, at least with ONE script done, I have something that is mine, that represents ME that I can send out as a resume to try and get me into a show somewhere.

Honestly, I think I’m going to have to take a position one or two steps further away from the writers’ room than I want. A set PA would be the furthest I’m willing to go, I think. A writers’ PA would be better. A writers’ assistant is what I WANT. To be tasked with sitting in that crazy-ass room paying attention to everything that’s said so nobody forgets anything…doing WORK. Showing that room of professionals that I have some intelligence and integrity. Oh…I wish for that chance so hard, you guys.

Winning that is going to require some very uncomfortable stuff from me, y’all. For reals. I do NOT like making awkward phone calls where the person on the other end has no idea who I am. Makes me clammy just thinking about that shit, but maybe I can do it some way that I’m sending something in ahead of time and I’m calling to “follow up”, you know? We’ll see. I did it to get this apartment gig, I can do it again…I just won’t enjoy it. That’s all I’m saying 😛

Good night for now. More writing tomorrow, some baseball, perhaps giving the pups a bath. We’ll see. Some napping will definitely be going down. Peace!