Day 538: Lazzzyyyy Sunday

Day 538: Lazzzyyyy Sunday

Cool stuff tonight from Chris Moore.

Today was such a “normal” Sunday, it felt completely alien. I haven’t had one in quite a while, actually. Working, or doing various social things, or whatever…it’s been a long time since I had a really, REALLY lazy Sunday.

That’s what I had today. And after it all, I just sat down and did my writing hour. Mapped out a dialogue scene that’s been particularly frustrating and convoluted. It still is, somewhat, but by mapping it out tonight, I feel at least like I have more of the structure visible, which will help me trim it down to its essence. What is essential to be covered.

I also jotted down some ideas for a couple other little scene additions. It’s getting there, guys, little by little.

Right now, I’m actually pretty pooped, and I want to get up nice and early for tomorrow, so the day run-down will be quick 😛 I got up and watched baseball. It was an entertaining game, to say the least, even though we lost. The Royals have acted like little bitches the entire series. Well, today, they threw at Brett Lawrie’s head, which was completely uncalled-for. There will be some sort of vengance to come, mark my words. We lost the game, which was much more frustrating. Our bullpen is a major liability early on in the season. They might be bad enough to kill our chances to contend, but we’ll see. Maybe they’ll get better with Ryan Cook and Sean Doolittle coming back at some point.

Then, I napped 😛 I was freaking tired all day. I started watching Dawn of the Planet of the Apes after I walked the pups, and then Liz came home from her responsibilities, and I stopped the movie so we could watch GoT, which we’d taped because she was out with a friend. Episode tonight was goooood. Much better than the first episode of the season, I thought. Then, I took a shower and sat down for my writing hour, and wham-bam, here we are!

More tomorrow. It’s a work day. I’ll feel a bit more normal, methinks. The writing will CONTINUE. I’m starting to find a rhythm. It feels nice 🙂