Day 539: Keeping the faith

Day 539: Keeping the faith

Some really cool ground-to-orbit stuff from Oliver Pron, which I believe was concept stuff for Jupiter Ascending.

The work queues are empty right now. I *do* have about two hours of work for me tomorrowing morning to start off with, and that should be enough time for them to refill enough for me to fill the rest of my day…but it is a mite bit stressful. I am keeping the faith, however. I’m actually pretty confident that I’ll have enough work. I can’t pinpoint exactly why, except perhaps I know some lessons that were narrated by the Ho today will be posted.

Yup, it’s “work talk” right off the bat tonight 😛 What can I say, it was my day today. I did get my writing hour in, although it was about half as productive as I would have liked. Still! I sat down for it. Got some good stuff done, too! It’s coming together. I like this beating out scenes. I’m going to keep doing it, I think, before I sit down and write my dialogue on my next script. It’s helpful, somehow, to not have the pressure to write ACTUAL lines of dialogue. The one-step-removed from that makes it easier to get a big picture in my head. See the macro, and not get lost in the scene as it’s pouring out.

Quite a bit of work left to do on this rewrite, I’m afraid, but I think it’s going to take another leap forward, this script. Hopefully forward enough to share with more people than my trusted close group. Then, I move on to the next project! Two of them, actually. I’m debating in my head whether to start on the Star Trek book I always wanted to write when I was young, the book I almost actually finished, to be honest. It’ll be very different now. I’d want to rewrite the whole outline, most likely. In fact, I’m positive I’d have to. And, rewrite each and every word 😛 The upside? It’s a world I’ve lived in *detail*, which means it’s ready to pour out of me like water. The downside? It’s chances of being published are almost non-existant. I’d be doing it to release it on my own as fan-fiction. ie- strictly for fun. Not sure if I want to dedicate my time right now to “strictly for fun.” But…maybe right now is the perfect time, you know? I don’t have any actual deadlines or responsibilities…they’re all self-imposed for the near-future. That could change later. I have the opening now…I really honestly don’t know what I’ll choose to do. We’ll see.

The A’s won today! It was the first time they’ve won while giving up more than 1 or 0 runs. It was a bullpen win today, which was exactly what they needed, really, since they’ve been really ineffective so far this year. It’s the first time, actually, that they’ve been required in a close game to shut down the opposition…and they did it. Dan Otero for president, and Tyler Clippard nearly gave me a heart attack, but he *didn’t*, and he pulled out a NS (nervous save). Joe and I also arranged to meet Thursday for our podcast recording, so that’s good. We’ll at least be sticking to an episode coming out each week, if not on the same DAY each week. So much to talk about! Shenanigans in Kansas City! Zobrist may need to have surgery on his knee! Ugh. At least we’re back at an even .500 reacord tho 🙂

With that thought, I leave you. More of the same tomorrow. It’s workin’ time bitchessssss!