Day 540: Quickie

Day 540: Quickie

Tonight is  quick one. I have to get up early 😛 A plumbing issue in one of my units that couldn’t be done today. Up at 8am, which is a good half hour before normal, and it’s the third work-day of the week for me, so I do NOT want to be attacking stuff bleary-eyed, let me tell you.

Just did my writing hour, though it was a half hour. Sigh. But, I DID it, and I was able to work for the half hour solid. Rearranging some stuff in my head. I really struggle with all the *information* that needs to be covered in this pilot. As opposed to scenes being two people pitted against each other. I’ll work on how to fix that, I suppose, with time. And drafts.

Just broke for a couple moments to jot some more ideas down 😛 It’s coming along. Just took ANOTHER break to write some stuff down. See? That’s what happens when I switch gears and start down the path of my own vortex-like imagination.

Not much to report today, really. The A’s lost. Hard core. Our Jekyll and Hyde team continues to confound. We’re either completely dominating someone, or we’re kicking balls all over the place on defense and our pitching gets completely blown up. Whatever. Let’s hope the trend continues and we go out and dominate THEM tomorrow.

Hopefully more tomorrow after a day with enough work in my work queue, and writing in the bag. Thats the goal accomplished today, and the same one to try and accomplish tomorrow!