Day 543: He can Wail

Day 543: He can Wail

Artwork tonight from Peter Andrew Jones.

The Ho and I went out into the brisk night, and it was actually quite brisk let me tell you, and we saw Damien Rice at the Greek. It was a show she’d been looking forward to for YEARS, and I was really looking forward to myself. The dude can wail, man. He’s got pipes. And, he was *really* funny; I imagine most people listening to so many of his songs bundled up and sobbing their eyes out, just from his lyrical and musical style…but Damien himself was full of levity and perspective.

He was also incredibly loose with his set. He must have sung five or six songs just because they were shouted out from the audience. He did THREE songs for his encore, all while grumbling in a very charming way about how cold it was, and legitimately went so far over his planned set time. It was awesome. He really loved his audience. Rather than it being rude that someone was shouting something out, like a song request, he took it as a connection to his audience; that they really loved that song, it meant something to them, and so he played it, balls out.

I hear a lot of people don’t like playing to the LA crowd. We’re jaded, they say. EVERYBODY comes through here to play, and so we’re “whatever” about it. We don’t cut loose as much. We show up late and we leave early. And, I’m guarantee all of that shit is true…but we do still sell out concerts here, and we’re do *buy* those tickets, and we do love the music just as much. Damien really brought that shit home tonight. It was a great concert.

I feel much less angsty today, thank you baby jesus 🙂 I did a lot more thinking about things. I still don’t have an answer, but I’m feeling MUCH more like one is actually out there, with a plan to be set and executed, and much less like it’s all overwhelming an all emotional and shit.

I got a LEGIT full hour of writing done. I was able to tear through almost the entire scene that took me a couple days to map out, and it was way shorter than I thought, and MUCH better. It’s a process I’m gonnna lean into, ya’ll, this beating out a scene in a word document before sitting down to write the actual lines of dialogue.

It’s still a beast of a scene, with a lot of talking…but, I can make it work. I think I’ve packed enough ACTIONS into the rest of the pilot that I can earn a scene or two here and there of people sitting and talking. We’ll see.

It felt really good, writing the scene, too. I know now what it actually feels like to ACTUALLY have a scene mapped out to the point where it’s READY to be written…instead of the meandering approach I’ve taken thus far to my outlining. In prose, see, it’s actually the rhythm of just writing that carries you forward. You CAN just write until you find your scene. Not so with script-writing. At least not for me. This new way is better. Map all that shit out first. Then, the actual dialogue is FUN. It’s the easy part. It just tumbles out, because all the real work has been done already.

I can talk a good game about all that, we’ll see how it actually goes from here on out 😛

That’s all for now. The pups are ready for beds, and so am I. Got to talk to my mom for a bit, too. She’s tired, feeling like she didn’t quite have all the rest she wanted during her last stretch off…but cest la vie. She has time off in a couple weeks, and she’ll enjoy that then. Everything is temporary, right? The ups, and the downs. There’s actually comfort in that, at least for me. Especially when I’m feeling “down.” I know it won’t last that long.

On that note, good night! Busy weekend ahead of me!