Day 544: Ramona

Day 544: Ramona

So, did you know that California has an Official Outdoor Play? Because it does. It’s called Ramona. And, it’s performed each year in the spring out in the high desert to the east of Los Angeles.

Our good pal Joseph, yes the dude I do the podcast with on the weekly, played the lead in the show. Not the titular character “Ramona,” but her tragic lover Alessandro. Just thought I’d clear that up.

It was amazing. I’ll bet you can tell from the cover art tonight that it was a bit stormy and cold. We actually shelled out some extra bucks for these seats up towards the top that were covered because we rightly thought it should be warm out here in Hemet, and it *usually* is…but not this weekend. It rained several times during the show, but never strongly enough to shut anything down. And, the Ho and I were bundled up together with some warm clothes and blankets, and some churros for the second half, so we were fine.

I had issues with the play ending right where it started. I never thought I’d really be such a stickler for the old axiom that CHANGE needs to happen over the course of a play, but I felt firsthand the results of when a play *doesn’t* have any change in it…and you find yourself as an audience member realizing quite suddenly that the play is coming to an end, and you’re feeling, like, “what? That’s it?”

Honestly, thought, Liz and I weren’t really coming out here because we wanted to see an amazing play. We came out to see our friend, and see him we did. Run. So much running. Up and down hills. On horses. Kidding aside, he was genuinely wonderful, and Liz and I were genuinely entertained by the whole affair. I’m very, very glad we went.

Oh, shit! And, I almost forgot about the cast party that Joe invited us to come and take part in! IT WAS AT THE WORLD HEADQUARTERS OF THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY!!! Like, for REALS. Wikipedia says it’s where David Miscavidge, the head of the fucking church actually LIVES. How crazy is that shit? It’s called “Golden Era” or something like that, and apparently it’s where they shoot a bunch of Scientology educational videos for their membership. A “casting director” in fact was *this close* (picture my index finger and thumb, like, super close together) to talking our ears off and trying to recruit us because I opened my big fucking mouth and said I was a writer and an actor. Rookie mistake. I used some misdirection with the help of the Ho and we were quickly on our way…but legit, guys. Scientology ground zero.

It’s the first Scientology building I’ve ever been in, actually. The first time I believe I’ve actually spoken to someone in Scientology. And, it was one of their most high-profile sites, if not THE high profile site. I mean, the Sea Organization runs that fucking place, and they RUN that church. That’s who I was talking to!

Ya, so, I’m back. I just read more about that place we were just at and my mind is exploding. That’s all I’ll say about it. To any Scientology web-crawlers out there, your peope were nice, and no, I have no interest in joining your church. Ira-blog peace out!