Day 547: Like a Boss

Day 547: Like a Boss

Artwork tonight from Max Bertolini. Awesome space ship!

Crushed today’s editing work. 21 minutes finished.

Tonight’s entry will be a bit short, and I’m typing it on my computer, which is always a bit odd. I still have my writing hour to do, and it’s already past 11pm. So, I’m gonna do that, and then hit the sack. My nut sack.

I’m just going to leave that stupid joke hanging. See what I did there?

So sorry. For reals, tho, today was very successful, and I’m set up with more than enough work for tomorrow. I am tttiiiirrreeedddd tonight. Hit me around 8pm, when I sat down for the last leg of my work day. I was able to do an “easy” couple lessons, which definitely helped. If it was harder stuff, I think I might have collapsed into a heap of tired-ness.

I listened to a podcast today that talked about not making cold-calls. It was about cold-calling show-runners, which is something I’d never actually do – cold calls go through a gate-keeper every time – but it still made me feel a bit negative for a few hours about my chances of getting my “foot in the door” when I effectively know nobody out there. But, fuck it. There’s a lot of shit people tell you “not to do” in this town. I’m making fucking cold calls. It’ll be following up to some attempted previous communication, so I guess it’s not completely “cold,” but I’m doing it. It’s the only thing I know how to do that doesn’t involve “being lucky” or “connected.” I’m not a psychopath. Still, hearing that stuff can be very deflating, since everyone’s answer to “how do I get started?” is some varied form of “well, you just have to figure out a way to get your foot in the door.”

Anyway, off to brush and floss, then some writing. Wish me luck 😉