Day 553: Oh, Editing

Day 553: Oh, Editing

Mind definitely is not mush-town, but I did do alot of editing today 😛 It was almost all I did…I still managed to be a bit short on finished product, but LIFE also continues to happen on a daily basis, ya feel me?

I cleaned up human feces today. A giant watery pancake-puddle of homeless diarrhea, in fact. Just the thought of it is enough to get shivers up my timbers. It was rust-colored. Don’t know what that means. THANK GOD it was down in a stairwell close to a garage water faucet; I was able to just spray it down the drain with a hose. Good lord…not a hightlight, guys. Not a highlight.

I also had rent today with the office…had to arrange some maintenance stuff…then picked up the Ho this evening and got some Zankou Chicken. Haven’t had it before, eh? I *highly* recommend that shiz. So freaking good.

Ya, mostly the wrench in my day was the poop.

But, I still got 17 minutes done and edited. Almost 18 minutes, actually. I wanted to get more like 24/25 minutes, and cut into that “behindness” I mentioned last night, but it was not meant to be. I should have known. Any day I have to go into the office is pretty much not going to be a day I can make any work up. It just seems to happen like that.

Tore through more TNG episodes today. I’m already at Season Five. That means I went through FOUR full seasons of that show in…I think six weeks? Maybe a bit less. The show is really in its stride now. Pretty sure it stays there all the way through season 6. Just killing it almost every single episode. When The Next Generation was good, y’all, it was REALLY good. So much fun. Great issues. High adventure. My favorite show. I think. Might be DS9…but even if DS9 is a better show, it’s only because they took the new things about Trek they discovered they could do in TNG and went at them full throttle with Sisko and the gang.

Anyway, that’s what I got tonight. Going to read for a little and just enjoy the Ho being home. We missed her.

Oh! And Coops caught a bee on our walk today and was freaking out about it, but I was able to flick it off his leg before it could actually sting him. Whew! Crisis averted. Poor guy. Those bees just seem to love him. I saw it today: they get caught up in his fur and can’t get themselves free, so then they panic and sting like crazy. It’s really nobody’s fault.

Good night! Darmok and Jalad on the ocean!