Day 558: Turning in

Day 558: Turning in

In bed early tonight 😛

Still definitely recovering – didn’t get all that much done today in the realm of work, unfortunately, but I’d already resigned myself to working tomorrow anyway. So, that’s why I figured snuggling into bed a bit earlier than usual would be a good idea. Allergies also doing a number on me at the moment.

Went out to Canyon Country today with the Ho to see our good friends Dennis and Wendy who had their son Tim in town with his wife Allie (hope I’m spelling that right) and their just-past a year-old toddler Stella. She was just the cutest. They’re up in the Bay pretty much full-time now, Dennis and Wendy, since that’s where both Tim and Allie work. They’re doctors. Pretty much amazingly have their shit together in a way that us creative types just never seem to. It’s just a very different life. I might have considered being a doctor in another life, but not this one. In this one, I’d much rather write about one 😛

It was super great to see them…and I think actually meet Tim for the very first time. His wife as well. Honestly, now that I’m thinking about it, I don’t think I’ve ever actually met Tim. His younger sister Meagan many times, but not him. We’ve always seemed to miss each other somehow when hanging with Wendy and Dennis. Tim and I would get along, methinks. He’s a good question-asker in conversation, you know? Asks because he’s genuinely interested and listens with engagement. Same thing with his wife. Very charming, friendly, genuine…I hope actually that we get to see them the next time we’re up in the bay.

Anywho’s…it did break up my day pretty solidly, and I was only able to get a couple hours of work done afterwards, between eating and taking a very much needed half hour nap when we got home. I just don’t have a lot of energy these past couple days 😛 But, I’m grinding through it. I want a good night’s sleep tonight, and make tomorrow count.

Till tomorrow, y’all!