Day 559: Back to life

Day 559: Back to life

Amazing artowrk tonight from Syd Mead! So freaking cool 🙂

Today was a pretty damn-near normal day. Got some work done. It wasn’t nearly as much of a struggle as it has been. Still very much behind…we’ll see how far once I finish working tomorrow and tuesday…maybe a full day, maybe less. Still very do-able.

I podcasted with Joe, which was awesome. We haven’t actually POSTED a new podcast in a month, but we did meet about 10 days ago and record a really good podcast…except for some reason Joe’s audio never recorded. Doh! So, as it stands, it’s our first podcast in a month! Sigh…

Watched another episode of “The wire” tonight while I ate some dinner. The only name that gets stuck in my head now is “Avon Barksdale.” If you watch the show, or watched past-tense, then obviously you know Avon Barksdale. Makes me wonder how long he’s going to be the main bad guy target. Or if that shifts over the course of several seasons. It’s a fun show. For reals. Gets really into the nitty-gritty of drug-dealing and what it takes to investigate one. Makes me wonder how the creator thought up the show…

Hung out with the pups pretty much all day, too. Coco I think might have ear mites. Apparently, pretty much all dogs have them in some quatity all the time…it’s just sometimes the ear mites get out of control population-wise and they have to be cleaned out. It’s this brown stuff coming out of her ears that’s new. Before, it was just what looked like bits of crusted blood…though I’m now reading it could have been dust mites all along. Anyway, they irritate the skin and swell it up some, and then that causes Coco to scratch away at it, which causes more irritability…not fun for poor Coco. Good news is that we can try our own home cleaning at first and give it a week or so to clear up, and then if it doesn’t, then we take her into vet. We’ll see.

Tomorrow is a work day, perhaps some friend-helping…we’ll see how it goes. Gotta go to bed. It’s already 1am. On the flip!