Day 560: 

Day 560: 

Artwork tonight from Matt Novak.

I don’t know how to write about today on this blog. It was a tough day, a sad day…but as I sit here in bed, I don’t actually feel any pressing need to write about it, to be honest. It’s ground that I’ve tread in some form or another for almost a whole week now, both in my head, and on the digital pages here. I suppose that’s an apt way to describe the days’ events overall; realizing I’d thought about things as much as I needed to, and deciding it was time to state them one last time, and then move on.

I wish I could be more specific, but I also don’t. Ultimately, the reason I feel no need to be so is because it’s not about me. It was about a friend.

The vacuum that leaves, however, sucks most of the substance of my day along with it 😛 I don’t really have that much more to report. Coco has ear mites…I think I reported that yesterday…but already, just after one day of doing what I read I should do, and her ear(s) already look better. I’ve noticed already that she’s not trying to scratch them nearly as much as well. Poor thing. She’s so rough and tumble sometimes, whereas Coops is so fluffy and pristine.

The A’s lost again, oh, and our podcast posted this morning. That was fun, getting some people’s reactions from it. No real “fan” interaction with it yet, but hopefully that comes with time. I’m also holding off on the accelerator trying to push it, that’s for sure. We just don’t have the track record yet for me to go balls-out with trying to promote it. Joe and I are definitely loving doing it, but we’re also not sure how serious we want to make it, you know? And, what’s the point in really pushing hard to build an audience if you’re not going to put out your content on time and regular-like.

Anywho, it’s already almost 2am. The Ho and I decided to rip through the last two weeks of Game of Thrones, at the expense of my bed time. Alas. But, not to worry. Tomorrow shall be a work day, and hopefully a strong work day without interruption. We’ll see how it goes.

So, goodnight for now. More tomorrow, and back to a new state of normalcy…I have shit I want to get done… 🙂