Day 561: Dig Dig Dig

Day 561: Dig Dig Dig

The Coco was just digging into my leg through the blanket. I’m not sure if it was just because she was happy to be up on the bed going to sleep and snuggling, or if it was because she needed to get the blankets just right…but regardless, it was adorable and seemed like the perfect title for tonight’s entry.

It’s almost 1:30am already, but I’m going to do my best NOT to do a “le tired” type blog entry, since I’ve had a few of those lately. I don’t actually feel that super tired…exhausted and worn out, yes, but not necessarily sleepy-eyed. I’m still riding the high of having got my work done, and a ton MORE today. That is, in fact, why this entry is so late. I powered through the distractions to get 29 minutes of finished work done today. 29 minutes! It helps when there are some easier lessons out there to snag, but still. It was five videos. Five videos in a single day. It was a lot.

Getting work done never fails to help me feel more grounded. I was having the thought today, after all the soul-searching that was done over the past week, of “what the hell am I doing?” in regards to all the time I spend doing this editing work. But, then I was immediately reminded that I had made a CHOICE to focus on this for the next few months; that I had set a goal for myself, and godamnit, I wanted to reach that goal. That is where most of my identity, or at least my ego, lies: in setting my sights on acheiving something, and then acheiving it. Fundamentally, it’s what fuels me each day. And, I’ve decided to work for the summer, ALONG with writing, so that I can build up some savings. Savings in amounts I’ve never been able to reach before, now possible with the combined efforts of the Ho and I, that will buy us some monetary coushion while I most likely work for very little once I step into phase 2, or phase 3, or whatever phase it is that’s the next step of actually stepping outside of my office cocoon and into the world of where the rubber meets the road.

So…I gave into my plan, I let it carry me through the day, and I sit here in bed now feeling much more like myself. It was still a weird day. My thoughts straying ever so often back to the tumultuous past couple days…but I was able to brush that aside and focus on the task at hand, and the day was gone in a blink. I’m grateful for my work, and grate too for the Ho and all the little ways that she helps me keep on task throughout the day.

She’s next to me looking through YouTube channels right now and declaring outloud that she remembers why she didn’t subscribe to these channels before, because they’re “annoying as fuck.” Direct quote. Lots of cursing in this household, I’m afraid.

Watched more TNG today. There were a couple REALLY GOOD episodes, including the gender issues one “The Outcast,” which is essentially a gay rights episodes. Legitimately so good. And not just because it’s still a relevant issue and all that…no, it was so effective quite simply because there was real chemistry between Frakes (Riker) and the guest star he’s supposed to fall in love with. You root for them, and then you feel for their injustice and the very sad ending. Tonight was also the episodes “Cause and Effect” with Kelsey Grammer making a cameo appearance at the very end of the episodes. Again, Frakes has his stamp on the episode, this time most notably as the director — the poker scene and the whole episode really was crackling with humor and genuine, fun relationships between our main characters.

Finally, I should mention the A’s won tonight. Handily. And, the bullpen didn’t give up any runs. I hope it’s a portend of good times to come. We’ll see.

Tomorrow, bitches! Love you!