Day 563: I'm only happy when it

Day 563: I’m only happy when it

Moody contemporary sci fi artwork tonight from Peter Kim.

Rains. That’s the lyric. I’m only happy when it rains. If that were actually true, you definitely wouldn’t want to live down here in LA 😛 I do enjoy when it does rain, tho. Yesterday playing golf, Josh and I watched the dark clouds rolling in, it was really beautiful and cool and the breeze was fresh…well, today that storm finally actually hit and there was some moisture dropped onto the ground. Apparently this is the southern tip of a pretty ginormous storm that’s come down from the north. Alaska, they say. Hopefully it brings some snowpack to the mountains. I know that’s actually a super important part of freshwater storage throughout the year. Makes sense if you think about it: you don’t have to try and catch and hold water that’s frozen; it’s already stationary for you until the warmer months.

It was a really, really nice day off today. I wrote for a solid hour, I took a nice hour-long nap to catch up on some rest, I did some send-backs for work, I went grocery shopping, got my haircut, and even watched some TV with the Ho…something we hadn’t done in a couple weeks, at least. It was the off-day that I needed, and I definitely feel rested heading into my next two-day stretch of editing work.

Felt really, REALLY good to write today. I actually had the energy and DESIRE to do so. I mapped out TWO scenes, too. I’ll go over them again, I think tomorrow, before actually firing up the Final Draft to write them for real…I think there is some room for improvement with both of them…well, actually one of them, really. I think it needs to get more personal, but we’ll see what comes out tomorrow.

And then, it’s mapping out one last scene, a scene earlier in the script…and this rewrite will be 75%/80% finished. I still have to go through some sporadic notes here and there, and then do a couple passes tightening everything up as much as I can…but that will be it. HOPEFULLY at that point, it will be much smaller notes here and there from my trusted reader peeps, and then a send-out for notes from a broader community of people. Not sure what I’ll do after that. I suppose it depends on people’s reactions, I guess. Another rewrite, most likely? Especially if feedback is of the “I love it, except for this one thing” type stuff. On one level, you have to give the people what they want, right? Right.

I’m so in “take a day at a time”-mode right now that I’m not sure what is next, actually. I mean, I know it’s this Indiana-Jones-meets-X-files pilot, but the question hangs about whether to try and stuff in the next novel project as well. I think I’d like to. It’s definitely hanging in my mind right now. Writing a novel now also, to be honest, seems like SUCH a smaller undertaking than around this time last year when it terrified me. I’ve done it once, now. I know I can do it again. You know what, I *am* going to start on the next novel…I don’t know why I really even consider not doing that…I just have to figure out how it fits into my overall work schedule. There are only so many hours in a day…

Cooper was my writing partner today, and right now, both him and Coco are curled up by my legs. It’s a cooler night tonight, because of the rain, and they’re nice and tightly wound up like plush toys. Fluffy and compact. If you work from home, having an animal companion is a wonderful, wonderful thing.

I’m settling into bed a little early tonight. It’s something I really *really* try to do coming from a couple off-days and going into work. It really helps me get up on time the next day and not start from behind, or at least FEEL like I’m starting from behind. It’s supposed to rain tomorrow in the morning, so it may be a quick pee and poo for the pups, but we’ll see. I’m going to get some reading done tonight, I think. After this Star Trek book, which was *exactly* what I wanted to read, by the way, I think I’ll be going back to the whole “Education of Ira” reading, and pounce on another SciFi “classic.”

Things are looking up, yo! More structure, less distractions. I can dig.