Day 564: Down the stretch

Day 564: Down the stretch

Futuristic alien-ish city tonight from Chris Moore. Love the “sunset” colors.

First off, congrats to my good friend Kerry Kleiman who graduated today from law school. We wanted to be there with her for the ceremony (she was giving a speech), but it happened to be on a Friday (a la today) as opposed to a weekend day, and it wasn’t going to work with our work schedules. Sadness abounds…except for the overwhelming happiness of the occasion in general 😛 Liz was just watching the video we recorded for her this morning and I texted her. She hadn’t seen it since we recorded it. It is awesome.

I stumbled a bit down the stretch today. I was *killing* it early on, on pace to get, like, 30 minutes of work done…but alas, I lost focus around the 5pm mark or so. As it is, I got a normal days’ work done…just shy of that…but well enough to make up a minute and a half or so tomorrow at the very least and have done 40 minutes in the two days. I’m doing these math lessons, and they’re not going to be sitting out there forever, waiting to be plucked, so I’m hoping I scorch through them quickly enough before someone else out there pounces on them. We’ll see, though. I also have a tenative plan on how to make up the two days I lost last week with the intervention shenanigans.

Do less more often, y’all. That really is the ticket. I even got my writing done today. Not much came out, unfortunately, but I *did* sit down to do it. I’ll do the same thing tomorrow, see what pours out. Hoping also on my next day off, or couple days off, to actually put some black-to-white on this next novel idea. It’s a world that I created when I was very, very young, and so it should be pretty fun to create. It’s definitely something I can see pretty clearly in my head, and I don’t believe I’ve ever seen anything like it before, at least the way I imagined it as a kid.

The A’s lost again tonight, especially frustrating because it was another loss squarely shouldered on the bullpen. We went 6.1 innings with our starter, up 6 – 2, and the ‘pen promptly gave up 5 runs and we ended up losing 6 – 7. Ugh. I’m afraid our season is over. Not because it’s mathematically over right now, or even that our “projected chance” of making the playoffs is so thing…no, I just mean that I don’t see this team having the pitching necessary to make enough of a recovery. We’re too far back already. It would take an 11-game win-streak just to get us back to the .500 mark. We don’t have that kind of winning streak in us, I’m afraid. We will play better…but not THAT much better.

That’s all I got tonight. Already 12:45, and more work to be done tomorrow. Cheers!