Day 565: Boomtown

Day 565: Boomtown

Editing: accomplished.

Writing hour was something I saw down for…but didn’t really DO. Was a little frustrated about that because I let myself get hijacked into other things, but it was actually a rough morning overall. Very tired, I was. Hard to focus when you’re tired 😛

They say you should go to bed and get up at the same time every day, without fail. That by sleeping in even a half hour extra on any given day, it throws your internal clock off. Well…I have been super freaking guilty of that over these past couple weeks and I am without a doubt feeling the consequences. It was rrrreeeaaaallllyyyy hard to get up this morning, and the tiredness continued throughout the whole first half of the day. I even took a nap after lunch for an hour. Yikes.

That’s also what they say: if you’re tired, still get up when you’re supposed to, but go take a nap in the afternoon. It won’t screw up your clock, and you’ll feel more refreshed. So, tomorrow, I’m up at 8:30 like usual, and I’ll just take a nice long nap at some point in the afternoon.

But, the nap worked, I guess, because I was able to rally afterwards and get all of my work done for the day. Like, 100%. A nice feeling going into an off-day. This middle off-day of the two-days-on stretch is critical to be restful. The only thing I’m going to schedule on these Sundays other than R & R (rest and relaxation, fyi, not railroad…silly train fans) is doing the podcast with Joseph in the early evenings. I very much enjoy doing that, and I’ve got it down to a science pretty much. Doesn’t take me very long any more.

That’s if for tonight. The Ho and I are going to watch the season finale of TNG Season Five in bed tonight. I’m pretty sure she’s seen it before, but for some reason it just struck me as an episode that would be really fun to watch together. It’s called “Time’s Arrow.” It’s a fun one. Not nearly so serious as the previous two seasons’ finale/premiers.

Goodnight, y’all!