Day 566: Busy off-day

Day 566: Busy off-day

Artwork tonight that’s apparently just-released from his own archives by Steve Dodd, called “The Vulcan System 2.”

Today was actually pretty busy…still the at-home off-day that I needed, actually, but quite filled with activity.

Let’s see, it started with a nice long morning walk with the pups. Listened again to the previous weeks’ green collar podcast because I knew I’d be seeing Joe at some point in the day to record a new one. Then, came home, and decided to take care of a couple building things before breakfast. See, if I sit down to eat, I’m liable to be there for a while. That’s just part of my personality. I sit and eat for a long time. I can’t help it.

So, I cleaned out the fountain, which had picked up some algae from the couple days of rain, and I changed a few lightbulbs. Then, I came inside and ate breakfast and watched the rest of an episode of The Wire. Actually, finished that episode, and then started a few minutes of another one before deciding to shut it off and go into the office to get some work done.

One these next two weeks of days off, I’ll have a little bit of work to do during each. That’s how I break up this amount of minutes that I’m “behind” from earlier in the month. It sucks, but I can swing two hours of work on these off-days. I can do that. So, I went into the office and did it.

By that time, the A’s game had started already, and I’d watched a decent chunk of it on the side monitor while working. I finished my lesson I needed to get done, and then sat down for some lunch. After lunch, the plan was to take a nice long nap before Joe came over to podcast, but he texted and said he wanted to do it earlier, and I agreed. That way I could have the evening free, which was just as appealing as a nap.

Did the podcast, got it all edited down for the masses, and then took the pups out for their nighttime walk. Oh, I forgot earlier that I got to catch up with Scott, which was nice. We talked about his Apple Watch, and what to do for my mom’s birthday. She reads this sometimes, so my lips are sealed.

Then, it was dinner time. I had a massive headache, actually, now that I think back. It was totally and completely a hunger headache, I’d waited too long to eat. But, I ate and watched the rest of that Wire episode, and then decided to go ahead and watch the last one from season 1, since that’s all that was left. Such a good show! It’s definitely started off a bit slow, but I knew that was coming, number 1, and number 2, that’s my style of show anyway. More realistic. They definitely ramped it up in the last few episodes, tho. Some shit went down. Had me feeling the feels.

Then, I finished up with the last bits of the podcast stuff, and took a shower, took care of the dogs ears and going to the bathroom before bed, and here we are. The Ho had been gone all day at Drag Con seeing Ru Paul and fun stuff, and she was so wiped that she went to bed almost as soon as she got home, and hasn’t moved from bed since. She was tie-tie, as we say.

Tomorrow, it’s a work day. It wasn’t the total lazy-bag day I’d been expecting, but that was because I had the energy to go out and get some stuff done, so there you go. More tomorrow! And reports of some writing, too!