Day 567: Puffin along

Day 567: Puffin along

Retrofuturism tonight on an industrial scale from Syd Mead.

Today was an exceptionally satisfying day.

I’m *hoping* this whole “always get up at the same time” method of sleeping works, because if today was any indication, I’m a big fan. It was really hard to get out of bed, as it always seems to be…but then I was up. And, I felt awake and shit. I ate breakfast, and I was totally rolling and ready to go with my writing hour. I got GOOD writing done for my writing hour. Still outlining for these scenes, but these scenes are going to be SO MUCH BETTER YOU GUYS. So much fucking better. All the threads and twists and turns are getting mapped out, beat by beat. The actual writing in Final Draft will take, like, an hour for 30 some-odd pages.

I think I actually got that advice from some writer at one of these panels I’ve been to over the past year and a half or so. To outline and outline and outline until when you sit down to actually write the script, all the work has already been done. Well…I’m finally understanding. I get it. I see the appeal. Might be a game changer, y’all.

Then, I was off to the races with work. Another day where I pretty consistently was behind my hourly goals, but I must have crushed it in the last couple hours because I ended up finishing a good half hour ahead of schedule. Well, an HOUR and a half ahead of my original schedule because the Ho was a winged angel and took the pups out on their nighttime walk so I could finish early and we could run the scenes for her audition tomorrow.

So, I finished, and we did that. Ran her scenes. They were wordy, but very straight-forward, so we even had time afterwards to watch this past week’s Game of Thrones. We’d been too busy to watch it before now, and we were feeling a bit left out of this hubbub surrounding the episode. Both of us were rather non-plussed with the event everyone seems to be hubbubing about…I won’t spoil anything here…but I will say to those that are hubbubing: what did you think was going to happen? Huh? We *know* who this guy is. It didn’t surprise me in the least he’d do what he did.

Cryptic enough? 😛 If you haven’t watched the GoT, ya need to. It’s still the coolest show on television, even if it is hitting the back nine right now.

That’s it for tonight. In bed early enough to get a little reading done, which is always nice. Another work day tomorrow, and then I’m off for TWO DAYS. Yessssss. I must say…I can dig this only ever working two days back-to-back schedule. It works for me. I thought it would, actually, and it does. Success!