Day 568: Yeeeeaaahhhh

Day 568: Yeeeeaaahhhh

The full image for tonight’s artwork is AMAZING. “Houses, houses, nom nom nom!” By Chris Foss.

Let it do. Let it do.

Today was a solid, normal day. I was pretty much on target all day…slipped behind slightly around 9pm, which seems to be my bugaboo these past couple months…but refocused and powered through, and here I am in bed having hit my goals 100%.

Writing hour was interesting this morning. I woke up late because for some reason I never hit my snooze…I need to fix that, actually, before sleepies. Anyway, woke up a half hour late, thus finished walking the dogs and eating breakfast a half hour late…thus writing hour started a half hour late. I considered just writing for a half hour and starting my editing work on time, but resisted that urge…and I’m glad I did because I got some good stuff out of that hour today.

Tomorrow…I think I have to sketch out, well not sketch 😛 beat out meticulously this one last scene…and then I think I’m good to do some writing. I might still take another day or two to rework these two almost-last scenes…things have to get kinda personal, you know? Confront some of the interpersonal stuff rather than plot stuff…I dunno. We’ll see. Just had some ideas just now, actually. BRB.

Okay, back now. Think that I wrote down some good stuff. Read it to the panda, she liked it she thinks. We’ll see once it actually makes its way into the script itself. That is the downside of this outlining that I’ve done recently – it is disjointed. Non-linear. You don’t get any of the flow, or the rhythm.

Anywho, I’m feeling positive about the rewriting process, and the rewrites themselves. I think it’s been a leap forward. How big? Not sure. That’s still a wait-and-see.

The A’s lost tonight. Couldn’t win two games in a row, unfortunately. Our offense lately has struggled a bit…they didn’t do horribly tonight, they scored a couple runs late…but they waited long enough to score them that we used our B-relievers in the 8th, and they gave up the runs that put the game out of reach. Frustrating team to watch 😛

That’s all for tonight. More stuff tomorrow on an OFF DAY. I love that this schedule lets me have time off from editing after only two back-to-back days of work. It’s much, much better for my psyche, at least this year.

See ya!