Day 570: Tomorrowland, etc.

Day 570: Tomorrowland, etc.

Not much to say about Tomorrowland, actually. It was all over the place. I wouldn’t actually consider it to be a “bad” film…it’s just not “good.” It’s alternatively fun and boring, its characters don’t have satisfying arcs, and the point, while relatively simple, gets very muddled up in all the details and plot they try to cram in.

By “they,” I mean Damon Lindeloff mainly. And, yes, I know he wrote it with Brad Bird, but here’s the thing…I fucking love Brad Bird. He and I see eye-to-eye in that he’s made movie after movie that I’m completely head over heels for. Damon Lindeloff, on the other hand, is someone I just don’t understand. Over and over, I find his work to be confusing, frustrating, sloppy and unsatisfying. So, with that in mind, I totally blame Damon for what went wrong on this otherwise “meh” pic. Brad Bird gets a pass, and a “why the hell did you decide to do this and not Star Wars?”

At the end of the day, there IS enough fun and imagination in Tomorrowland for kids to enjoy…but is it going to be a movie that anyone wants to see again and again? Nope.

As for the rest of the day, I did my bit of editing work first thing, then I did my writing. I rewrote the scene I did last night and just wasn’t happy with, and I like it a bit more now. It’s less…on the nose and people overreacting to things because THINGS NEED TO BE INTENSE. Still not nailed to the floor…but you know. Baby steps. I’m not sure, actually, if I’m capable at this point in my skillset of getting the scenes as perfectly orchestrated and executed as I desire…but I try to get them as close as I can, you know?

I watched some of the A’s game…I took a nap. It was a glorious day off. Tomorrowland didn’t even ruin it, actually. It honestly wasn’t that bad. It just wasn’t any good 😛

Tomorrow is a work day. Back to the grind. I hope I got enough rest these past two days, I definitely *tried* to take it easy. A key tomorrow, to be honest with you, is going to be taking my allergy meds. I didn’t today, and that was a mistake. Had a headache by mid-afternoon. Don’t want a repeat of that, yo!

Anywho, good night. See you on the flip!