Day 571: Let's see here

Day 571: Let’s see here

…today was work 😛

I know, I know! That’s, like, every single freaking post these days. That’s my life these days. I…walked the pups in the morning, and did some more scene outline editing after eating breakfast. The scenes are ready to write. I’m definitely feeling much more ready to be done with this draft of Icarus. Ready to move on…which will be hard, actually. A new script is “new” and “exciting”…but it’s also completely and utterly not-written. That’s definitely a little intimidating. But, whatever. Onward!

Editing went pretty smoothly, overall. I did finished a skosh shy of my 20 minutes, which I will have to be careful not to let bite me in the ass here tomorrow and the following “off” day. All the easy lessons are gone. From here on out, it’s going to take actual focus and discipline to stay on goal.

I suppose it’s a plus that I’m a week’s work away from finishing my first of four months of the summer work extravaganza. A quarter of the way through the most work I’ll have ever done of all times. But, totally worth it for the savings and taking a bomb-diggity trip during the holiday hiatus.

All of the work IS wearing on me, however. I feel grumpier than I did when I was doing it all last year. I feel more…behind. It’s because I’d been thinking this time last year that by the time I got here, I would be working as an assistant or a PA…and that hasn’t happened. It’s that, and I was also hoping to have had another job opportunity come through by now, and that hasn’t happened either. Honestly, that’s really what it is. I mean, I still *do* enjoy my job…but it’s not backed by quite as much “temporary” as last years was.

I think, actually, now that we’re talking about it all…I think I need to come up with some ways to improve morale on a daily basis, like I did last year with the netflix and the other injections into the day-in-day-out that made it actually exciting to go to work. I’m not sure what those things will be…but I’m sure I can think of something. Keep it fresh. That’s what’s missing right now, for sure. I’m feeling stalled, actually, when in reality, I’m not at all. I’m just not exactly where I wanted to be. We’ll see how it goes. It may just be as simple as that, getting used to where I am right NOW as opposed to where I am in my head.

The Icarus script is THIS close to being done enough to move on. That’s very exciting. And weird-feeling. I really do want to move onto a 6-week program of writing another script. That’s what they say one should be a ble to do in television. 6 weeks. Not 6 years. Ugh. Wish me luck on that shit.

With that, it’s time for bed. More tomorrow from the work-laden lands of yours-truly!