Day 578: Double Up

Day 578: Double Up

I doubled up on the writing today. An hour in the morning times, when the day was fresh and new, and then again another hour in the nightly times, when the sun had fallen down and the moon was picking up the slack.

I got through to the end with one set of notes, next, I think, it’s just a read from beginning to end, and a final work-through to get these new act breaks inserted. I’m really hoping a new set of act breaks makes the page count issue with this pilot just go away. It’s now a sleek two-hour pilot as opposed to an impossible over-bloated hour-long pilot. Poof. Magic.

Editing was up and down today, actually. It was kind of a hectic day. Someone was moving out, so there were various shenanigans to attend to in that regard. It was a little disruptive, productivity-wise, but I still was able to get most of my work done in a timely fashion. I have some make-up work to do tomorrow, hence the doubling up on the writing hour tonight. No writing tomorrow. I’ve pre-loaded that shit.

That’s all I got tonight, actually. It’s sleepy times. I was a bit worn out today, and I don’t want to be feeling that way tomorrow. Not with as much work to do as I have.

Oh! And I got invited to a new writers group which is meeting next week for the first time. That’s exciting. I get to bring 5 pages to read aloud. Sweet.

Also, I got a rrreaaaalllyyy good deal on a baller set of weights. Like, working out weights. 200lbs of them! Holy Jesus, I know! They’re used, but still…this set retails for almost $1,000, and I got them for…well…way WAY less than that. All I need now is a bench of some kind and I can really use the crap out of them. I’m excited about it. Working out WAS a goal at some point for this year…

Good night, y’all. Hopefully more to say tomorrow, but no guarantees 😛 It’s yet another all-day-work-day. Sigh.