Day 579: Low Battery

Day 579: Low Battery

My iPad has informed me that power levels are low. Battery reserves at 8%. How like myself.

Work, work work. That was today. And, I was fairly successful! Very successful, actually. I have a fighting chance to both have a day of resting tomorrow, AND to finish up my month on-goal. I have writing to finish as well. Or, polish, as the case may be. But, that’s exciting, too. I don’t know, we’ll see. Right now, I am feeling quite spent, and I *do* have to work days immediately following tomorrow that are doubly difficult because it will also be rent. But, what can you do?

I don’t think I mentioned it on my blog last night, but I found out from work that I am the top performer on the editing team. Ie- I produce the most amount of finished product of anyone else on the team, and by a significant amount, too. Like 75% more than anyone else, or something like that. That was cool to hear. It’s nice to be on top, however temporary it may be.

Man…I am spent. It’s almost 1am, which means I get to sleep in slightly tomorrow morning. I’ll get up at 9am, which will feel like heaven. I don’t want to mess up my sleep schedule too much now. I’m also liable to take, like, a 4 hour nap tomorrow afternoon, so there’s that, too. We’ll see what happens.

This schedule IS exhausting, y’all…but it’s going to bring in some genuinely kick ass savings between my haul and the Ho’s…and that’s the point. It’s a temporary schedule. For the both of us. Certainly not something I’d want to do long-term. But, right now I have the time and the health and most importantly the drive to actually do it, and so I am. It’s been the “just an hour a day” with the writing that has kept me sane. For reals. It’s kept me on the “do less more often” path and not feeling like my psyche has strayed to much from that philosophy…plus, I get to put on TNG or listen to games while I work. That’s a huge difference. HUGE difference.

I had some interaction today with some Trek fans who found my tweets and screecaptures about season seven to be amusing. I guess someone retweeted one of my snarky comments who had a decent following, and so I got kind of a deluge today. It was fun. Definitely not why I tweet those screen caps and funny blurbs; I honestly do those for my own amusement, so I can go back through my media feed and remember each of these episodes, or amusing moments. I really, REALLY love doing it. They make me laugh, and remember. Remember the year that I worked so many hours on my computer and watched all of Star Trek from beginning to end. Seriously…I should be through DS9, Voyager *and* Enterprise by Christmas time. If not Halloween. And, it’s not even like I’m watching them in the background all day — I usually listen to music all morning, and baseball is on all night. But, still, that’s usually a good 4-hour timeslot in any given day when Trek is on…and that’s a solid five or six episodes. A DAY. Work day, at least…and there have been *a lot* of work days lately 😛

That’s all for tonight. The iPad is screaming bloody murder. As is my mushy-mush brain. Time for sleep. Mwah!