Day 581: Going and Coming

Day 581: Going and Coming

Wiped out my homies, my ladies, my gents. I am *definitely* feeling the strain of the past two weeks, where I’ve worked pretty solidly even on my days off. It’s wearin’ me down, yo. But, the end is in sight. That’s probably why I feel so tired, actually, now that I think about it 😛

I have tomorrow, and then whatever bits of work to get done as the last tiny bit of catch-up left…and I’m caught up. I can snooze. Write. Read. Probably just sleep, to be honest. What I’m about to do right now, actually.

Rent day today, so Liz took care of the pups, and then she walked them at night too, which was awesome. Got a full day of editing done. Will do that same tomorrow. It will be a GRIND, however. I have no illusions it will be easy. But, I’ll do it. Thankfully, I’m dealing with some “easy” lessons at the moment. Those will dry up, unfortunately, after tomorrow and the next day, pretty much. But, that’s fine. I’m taking two days off. Like, fuh reals. Some apartment stuff, sure, but pretty damn “off.”

I finished TNG today…got my a little teary-eyed, to be honest. The final scene of the show, Picard coming down to have a game of poker with the rest of his officers…it just does a really, really good job of bringing the family together. Like, it’s those moments that we really cherish when they’re gone and people have gone their separate ways…the times where everyone was together, and everyone was happy. Those are special times, because they don’t last forever.

Then, I started on Deep Space Nine, which I watched a bit out of order last year, actually. I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy it, actually, given that I *did* watch it last year…but it just served to remind me of another aspect of life…which was that as each of those moments of having a group together that you love inevitably reshuffle and pass on…the next adventure is always around the corner. A new group of people to get to know and fall in love with and make more memories. It’s the unstoppable march of time, really…it’s a force of nature. There’s nothing any of us can do to change the fact that times come and go…and as much as I can focus on the “going” of good times…they “come” just as much. So, it was nice to step right into Deep Space Nine. It felt wonderful, actually. And, I pay so little attention, really, to each little episode that’s playing in the background while I work, seeing these episodes again after so little time, relatively speaking, since I saw them last doesn’t really have much of an impact at all. It’s new this time, still, because I’m seeing everything in order, and I’m getting much more of a “big picture” view of the ebbs and flows and the evolution of the franchise.

Anywho, it’s time for the sleeps. Coops and Coco are currently asleep in the *exact* same position as each other, curled up and dead to the world. I’d like to join them. Be rested enough to slog through tomorrow. Wish me luck 😛