Day 582: Fire!

Day 582: Fire!

So, not really.

But, apparently, our building’s alarm system THOUGHT there was a fire and went all red alert! on the building. It was loud. Ultimately unnecessary, however, because an actual fire was naught to be found. Thankfully 😛

So, yeah, THAT happened. I was in the middle of my home stretch right around 12am on what was a very successful work day. Would have been writing this an hour ago, but alas, it’s now 1:30 in the AM and I have to keep this blog entry short to get some shut-eye 😛

Work day, check.

A’s win on a Ben Zobrist grand slam over the Tigers.

Coco is going tomorrow to get her hairs cut. I will miss her.

I am tired.

That is all. Tune in next time for more Ira-fun-times!