Day 587: Proper Sunday

Day 587: Proper Sunday

It *felt* like a proper Sunday today. I took it easy. Slept in a little bit, did apartment stuff most of the day, actually, and then took a nap into the early evening before walking the pups and then watching the Warriors lose game 2 of the NBA finals.

I did a little work before the Ho came home, and then I ate dinner and watched Game of Thrones. If you haven’t watched GoT yet this week, SPOILS AHEAD SO BE ALERTED…

…So, yeah. Still with me? Stannis can go fuck himself. Don’t get it twisted, I actually thought it was a ballsy and fascinating move story-wise to make the sacrifice. It sets him up to fail and die horribly I think. I mean, how can you kill your own daughter and have that pay off for you in the end? So, I look forward to his horrible fate, his just desserts. The dragon-riding I also thought was cool, though it actually looked pretty shitty effects-wise, which was a shame. I thought having Tyrion there to watch it was a really good choice, his face all shocked and wonderous…you could clearly see him thinking “holy shit, she *is* the rightful ruler of the seven kingdoms.”

Anywho, it was a decent episode. The Ho and I were talking, and it definitely doesn’t hold up to the climaxes of the past seasons, and this season really does smack of “filler” while George R R Martin figures his shit out for the ending of the grand tale…but, it’s still entertaining. They DID finally do some stuff these last two weeks to wake everyone up, at least. We’ll see what happens next week. The biggest loss of this season has been Arya’s story-line. A fucking snooze festival, which is a shame because she’s been head-and-shoulders the coolest character to follow since season 2, maybe.

Tomorrow, it’s back to work. I’m “behind,” which is meh…but I’m trying not to stress about it. That’s a big theme for this year, right? Right. I also dive into a new writing project tomorrow morning, which is exciting. The next pilot!

That’s all for tonight, methinks. Getting this done before midnight, which is always the goal on the eve of a work day. Huzzah! I started reading Do androids dream of electric sheep? the other night by Philip K. Dick. Excited to read this guy, given how unique his style sounds. Already, I find it super interesting. So, yeah, tucking into that now. Good night!

Artwork tonight was uncredited, unfortunately. Anyone who might recognize it, let me know 😉