Day 588: Genuine

Day 588: Genuine

Artwork tonight is from Bob Layzell.

No, not Genuwine…as in riding his pony. But, that’s also acceptable, I suppose.

I watched this youTube video today at the end of my work day while I was waiting for a lesson to render so I could upload it. I’ll link to it down below, but it was this youTube…content provider, I guess? Guy? He has this alter-ego he calls Francis who’s like the over-the-top version of himself, and he had Francis watch the Star Wars trailer, and it’s pretty funny.

See, the thing is, from the jump you can tell that you’re watching some sort of character…but the reactions are also so rooted in what is clearly at least the basis of reality, that you kinda don’t care and just get swept along anyway. Well, I wanted to see what else this guy had to offer, boogie2988.

Turns out he’s just a guy, living out in Arkansas, I think…he’s a massive gamer, he’s funny, and he’s just really, genuine. He talks to the camera in a fashion that’s disarming and honest, and I don’t know, I was really just taken with the whole idea that someone can put their life, or at least parts of it, up on this thing the internet brought us, and literally MILLIONS of people can watch it and respond. And, the comments from his viewers…I’ve never seen comments like this on youTube, man. They were all so positive and supportive, and it’s because of this GUY…this guy who’s being so open and honest.

It was another one of those moments where I “got” youTube. Like, *saw* the community, and felt what so many people must be feeling reaching out to find people like them, who have interests like them, to be entertained, and share ideas and fun. Don’t get me wrong, youTube can also be a cesspool of the worst of humanity, but this guy’s videos and channel reminded me that youTube is a reflection of ALL of humanity, which means the good and wonderful parts too.

I just really connected with how this man is sharing his life and his struggles and his hopes and dreams in a public forum. It’s something I do myself every day on this blog, albeit with a infinitessimally smaller audience 😛 Which is totally fine by me. But, that *act* itself is still the same…sharing our thoughts with the world, and trying to use that as a release, a catharsis so that they may not encumber us from moving forward in our lives. That’s what this blog is to me, anyway.

Anywho, it was a work day for me today 😛 Didn’t get any “extra” work done, but I pretty much got a normal 20 minutes accomplished. I also rented our vacant unit today to a wonderful wife and husband who I think are going to be great tenants, so that was nice, too. Hopefully I’m able to stay full for the next couple months! Finish out this work bonanza, then work a little nicer schedule for a while. Obviously, I can’t ever do that for too long, but we’ll see, won’t we? I’m also looking forward to writing my second novel this fall. Oooooo, I can’t wait for that. Have three pilot scripts and two novels finished in two years? That’d be damn fine with me 🙂

Goals! They make me feel good! And scare the shit out of me a lot of the time…but mostly they just make me feel good. Tomorrow! It’s a work day. An editing day. See you on the flip!