Day 590: Off Day Hey

Day 590: Off Day Hey

Artwork tonight by Ben Huber. So cool!

I considered titling this entry “ball conditioner”…it was a title I’d admittedly chosen much earlier today, the circumstances of which I’ll relate shortly…but I decided that’s just too much cheating. One can’t just decide at like, 2pm what the title of the entire day’s blog is. Nope!

Okay…so back to conditioning one’s balls. I was taking a shower today, as I am wont to do on days off, and a conversation from several weeks ago with the Ho sprang into my mind as I was looking at my two overly shampoo’d hands. She’d asked me if I use shampoo on my crotchal area, you know, because I’m a grown-ass man and there is hair down there. No need to picture that, just stay with me, keep reading. I replied, “not really, I usually just use body wash since it’s, you know, part of my body.”

But, there I was in the shower with way too much sudsy shampoo on my hands, and I’d just resolved to go ahead and use for the other hairy parts of my bod (read: crotchal). Chuckling at the novelty of it…another thought crossed my mind…

…does whoever out there that shampoo’s their junk on the regular…ever then put on *conditioner*? I mean, if we’re shampooing our head hair, we’re always supposed to then condition it. Why should the family jewels and surrounding territories be any different?! It’s still hair, right???


And, so I did.

I can report it doesn’t have the same effect as it does on the head hairs. Bummer as that may be, at least I tried. This pointless story, aimed to make my wife giggle, has been brought to you by Pantene Pro-V  Conditioners: “For your head, not your balls.”

I was a glorious off day today. Perhaps not quite restful enough, but I got a TOOOONNNN of stuff done. Showered, as I mentioned briefly already, cleaned our floors including a swiffer wet jet mopping, did some laundry, took care of the pups all day, got some REAL writing done on my new pilot…

Sorry, just had to take a few minutes just now to write down a fragment of conversation that occurred to me. Anywho, yes, REAL writing on the new pilot. It’s begun, FINALLY. I’m supposed to start writing it a week from tomorrow 😛 MUCH faster than last time, but hey, hopefully I can do it. I know I can, actually, at least eventually. We’ll see where this road takes me.

Okay, time for bed. It’s after midnight. More loin-related discussion tomorrow. Kidding! Or I am I…?