Day 591: Up my Game

Day 591: Up my Game

I feel like I’ve been coasting a bit lately. I’m not sure if that’s objectively true or not…but I *feel* like it’s true.

Little less productive today, but a little more restful. I woke up feeling pretty zonked, but I was fine the rest of the day, and tonight I feel more energized. At least mentally. And honestly, that’s what matters the most, right? Right.

So, first things first: I crush my writing tomorrow. Then, second things second: I crush my editing. Pretty simple, right? right.

Found some new music tonight, courtesy of So You Think You Can Dance, which the Ho and I are on the second episode right now. I think we’re only a few days behind, ie- pretty sure it’s this week’s episode we’re watching. We’re also ALMOST done with Agents of Shield’s finale…which is from like four weeks ago…and it’s pretty much a snooze festival. So far. Sigh…the Ho and I might be out on that show. We’ll see what happens. I think Daredevil is next for us in the TV comic-world. We tried Gotham and we’re pretty disappointed. Daredevil, on the other hand, is supposed to be AMAZING. I’m excited about it.

Man! That’s really all I got tonight 😛 It was just a solid day off, and I feel more like myself. Feet are re-planted on the ground, I’m actually already feeling some momentum with this new pilot script, and yeah…it’s time to put up or shut up, you know? I can be more focused and energized and productive than I am currently…and I want to grab that. Hit my stride, you know?

This 6-week write-a-pilot thing I’m trying to figure out is really important to me…I’d really, REALLY like to figure it out and crank out two pilots in three months, because that then sets me up free and clear to crank out a novel in the back 9 of this year. That’s a golf reference, not literally 9 months. We’re alread past that point this year 😛 But, a novel from October through November would just be magic in a spoon. No idea what that reference is, I just made it up. It’s okay. Not my best.

All my editing work hours in the bag, two pilot scripts and a novel…that’s the plan for the rest of the year. I can fucking do that shit, yo! Let’s go.