Day 595: Quickie

Day 595: Quickie

It’s already past 12:30 tonight, so this one has to be short, alas. It’s another work day tomorrow, so brevity will be the soul of success.

I worked a lot today, fell a good chunk behind on the editing side of things AND didn’t get any writing done because the Ho and I hadn’t done our financial meeting of the minds on Sunday…fail.

That said, success has been found today in that I wasn’t exhausted. I feel strong tonight, even, so hopefully that carries into tomorrow and some good old fashioned rally-times can happen on the editing front and the pilot script front. Holy bejesus, I need a victory day.

Watched some really solid DS9 today while working, so that was amazing. I’m in the tail end of Season 2, and they really up their game with some episodes like “The Maquis” and “The Wire” and “Crossover,” which is where they go over into the alternate universe for the first time. “The Wire” is the one where Garak is dying and tells Bashir three different tales of what got him banished from Cardassia, and we don’t know which is the truth.

Anywho, Joe also came over tonight and I was able to help Liz for a hot minute in working an audition scene with him. That was really nice, not only to see Joe, but to work material with him. Very talented friend, I have. Very talented indeed.

Anywho, that’s my day. I really am looking forward tomorrow to an excellent work day. I want to stay distraction-free, in fact. Wish me luck. I need it, and some good fortune as well. Crank out an amazingly productive day. It would feel SO NICE.

Nighty night, guys. I’ll talk more tomorrow!