Day 596: In the Game

Day 596: In the Game

You know…when your team is behind, but they’re doing *just* enough to hang tight, close enough to strike when the time is right.

Well, today, I did just enough to keep me in the game. Striking distance. I have some extra work to do on my two days off, and I’ll *still* be behind a day…but I’ve reversed the trend. The momentum is no longer sliding backwards, I’m moving forward once again.

It was a good feeling. It was exactly what I needed, and I feel the frustration I’ve been feeling for the past week and a half or so starting to ebb from my finger tips.

Deep Space Nine was really fun today. That show starts to really rachet up in the last third of the second season. It starts to find its stride, find its own voice and identity apart from The Next Generation. The writing kicks up several notches, as does the acting.

Liz found Coco this covered cat bed today at Petco…and just like we *knew* she would, Coco loves it. Shes loves that it’s a bit small, and that it has this bassinet-type hood cover thing on it so she can bury herself inside. It’s also leopard print, so that helps. Coco is all about dat leopard print, doe.

The Warriors won the NBA finals today for the first time since 1975…aka for the first time in my lifetime. I was never a huge Warriors fan growing up, to be honest, but when I was in college, a friend’s mom was super into the team, even when they were bad, so I kinda got exposed that way for the first time. I’ve been a very, VERY casual fan ever since. It was still cool to see them win.

We had to change the dog food for our pups today. It started with Coco randomly throwing up in the morning, like she used to do when she was first getting used to her new food, about, oh, two weeks ago? Well, then COOPER threw up shortly after that, and then Coco again, and then Coops again this morning. This was all over that two-week span or so. Coops has also inexplicably developed some skin issues with scratching, and some pimples…well, I put it together that I’d noticed the dog food that we use (Natural Balance) looked different with the latest bag we got in. Different color and shape…which almost certainly means that they changed their formula. Which almost certainly means the reason our dogs have both been throwing up and showing other allergy-type issues is because whatever formula chance they made, our dogs are not going to handle. So…we’re changing foods. The new food is more expensive, but what else can you do, you know? Dogs will destroy their bodies if a skin issue isn’t addressed.

That’s the news from lake woebegon. Where all the women are strong, the men are good looking, and all the pups are above average.

More tomorrow. Apartment stuff, some rest, and some editing/writing. That’s the plan!