Day 597: Busy day off

Day 597: Busy day off

The cool sketch artwork tonight is by Walt Simonson.

Man, it was a busy one today.

Started off with apartment stuff, then it was straight to get my hairs cut, then over a ways into hollywood to watch Joe in his one man show as part of the Fringe Festival, picked up more stuff for the apartment from the Home Depot there on Sunset, home for some lunch…Liz made kimchi fried rice, omg, so gooooood…worked a bit on her computer (which turns out to apparently have hard drive failure), and then finally had a moment to lay down and take a much needed nap.

That nap really was today’s savior in terms of having a “day off.” Seems like I can have a fairly hectic day, but if I can get a solid hour or two hour nap in there on a day off, it pays dividends when it comes to having energy for my work days.

Then, we took the dogs on a walk together over to Joe’s house where we hung out with him and his sisters for about an hour or so. That was really fun. Heather and Natalie were in loooooove with Coops and Coco, and Coops and Coco were in love right back. Watched a little bit of the A’s game and drank a beer with Joe while we caught up. I love walking over there and hanging out, it’s so nice to have a good friend within walking distance, you know?

Then we came home and got the couple hours of editing work done that I needed to. Turns out there was a lesson in the queue that I’d already done an old version of, which is awesome. Means tomorrow I should be able to fly through the rest of it and hit my goal for these two days off very easily. Success!

Tomorrow…it’s writing. And hopefully a decent amount of it. We’ll see. Some resting, too, and I have a security disposition to do as well.

Anywho, it’s already 1:30am, so it’s time to sleep. Catch you kids tomorrow!