Day 600: Le Quickes

Day 600: Le Quickes

600 days!

Honestly, this one doesn’t feel as monumental 😛 And, because it’s late, it is also going to have to be a quick one.

I had another day of struggling to get work done, though I will say I was *far* more focused than I was yesterday…I just legitimately had other stuff take up my time, and there was just no way it was going to end up being the work-my-ass-off day I wanted it to be. No matter, there is time for that next week. For reals. I’m taking a day off tomorrow, and then let the games begin.

600 days…that’s a long time, yo. I still remember actually when I passed 100 days and feeling like THAT was a huge milestone. And, it was. It was also, actually, still not that long ago. Just over a year ago, in fact. It seems like much, MUCH longer ago.

When these milestones come, I can’t help but think about what I was doing that last time I hit the 100s mark…500 days. I can’t remember. I’ll go and read that entry after writing this one. I also think about the NEXT 100 day mark…700. I want to have another pilot written. That’s what I want. And, I want to be finished with this work bonanza that’s legitimately taking its toll on me energy-wise. Not spirit-wise, however. No, I can honestly say, even in the throes of the struggles…I feel very proud of what I’m doing, and very satisfied when the work has been “done.” And, I’m writing, too. Exposing my work to more people than I ever have…it’s all very new, and it’s all very exhausting…but it IS what I want. I feel that right now.

So, with that in mind, I turn my thoughts back to the present. Tomorrow, rest shall be had. And then Monday, it’s back into the trenches to fight the good fight, and just get as much fucking work done as my body can take. It’s paying off, both monetarily, and psychicly. I have the energy right now and the time, and goddamnit, I’m going to use it as much as I possibly can.

Right now, I can use my time better. Rest tomorrow will set that up perfectly.


Here’s to 100 more entries, and 100 more after that, and…well, you get the idea 🙂