Day 602: Man with a plan

Day 602: Man with a plan

First off, James Horner died today in an apparently plane crash. Horner is probably most known for doing the Oscar-winning score for Titanic, but *I* will always know him as the man who scored The Wrath of Khan, which truly got me into listening to soundtrack music. I listened to some of his music tonight, particularly from Trek, and it made me very nostalgic and sorrowful that such a talented man was gone. Mr. Horner will be missed by me, that’s for sure.

I sketched out my day today before I went to bed last night, and it worked. I was extremely successful today. I *did* end up slightly shy, but in this admittedly very ambitious schedule, I built in some leeway here and there for catch-up times. Not that I want to use it. Tomorrow will be a bonanza, that’s for freaking sure. Five videos tomorrow, that’s what I think it’s going to take. Maybe even six. We’ll see. I know there’s some art history ones ripe for the picking. Those have been my best bets lately, whenever there’s no math ones.

No writing today. That’s taking a stall, unfortunately, due to the struggles I’ve been having getting my requisite amount of editing work done. It will probably take the back seat for the rest of this month, but we’ll see what happens. It is theoretically possible for me to do these work days AND get writing done, IF I stick to my schedule each day.

Easier said than done, yo.

Both Cooper and Coco are currently sitting up like little dog sphynx’s, listening to the Ho as she finishes up in the bathroom…ie- it means she’s almost ready to give them their last treats for the night.

Alright, it’s 12:30. Time to put this aside and go to sleep. Ripped through some DS9 today. That’s about all I have to talk over since it was work all day 😛 Pretty boring. I’ll catch you tomorrow. The primary goal is hitting the editing goal. A writing hour on top of that would just be grrraaaavvvyyyy. Let’s pray for gravy.