Day 603: Success

Day 603: Success

Artwork tongiht by Bob Eggleton.

Today was the 23rd.

That’s what I just told my wife. That’s Liz, or the Ho in normal blog speak. The 23rd of July. 2015 is almost half over…which is total bullshit, by the way. This year has gone by much too quickly. At least it feels that way right now, seeing as I’ve really only done a bunch of editing work so far…

That’s not fair. I finished a 1.5 draft of my novel, finished a MAJOR draft of my first pilot ever…and I have designs on finishing two more pilots this year. Well, “finish” being a very loose term, but you feel me.

Still, there’s much to be done. So much to be done…

It never ends, the wanting to get stuff done. I have to say, however, that the always-something-to-do is what gets me going every day. It’s a huge, positive driving force in my life, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. And, that’s the truth. I love my projects. I *love* them. It’s who I am, at least a major part of me 😛

Anywho…today was a work day. And, a really good one. Not one of those crazy kick-ass days where I did a million minutes of finished product, but a steady, focused, still-got-a-shit-ton-done kind of days. I *did* collapse near the finish line…I had an hour and a half more of work, and it was 11pm…and I couldn’t bring myself to start that last video. In the end, it’s okay. I can do it tomorrow morning and still have my full two days off. It was disappointing, but I was exhausted.

So, with that 😛 No more talk of being tired. It’s to bed with me. More tomorrow, after a wonderful day off. Arg and I are going to see Mad Max. It’s gonna be awesome.