Day 606: Two months from the devil

Day 606: Two months from the devil

Artwork tonight from someone I’m realizing is one of my favorites: Angus McKie.

So, with today being 606…that means I’m only TWO MONTHS AWAY from day #666…how crazy is that, yo? Pretty crazy.

Well, I didn’t get enough sleep last night 😛 It was just over 5 hours, according to my little sleep tracker doohickey. I was up at 9 taking care of the pups, and then hanging out with Kerry, Andrew, and the Ho while getting a bit of work done here and there.

Then Kerry and Andrew took off back to the Vegas, and I went and ran some errands…which took like, twice the time I’d hoped they would take, but whatevs. That’s why I’d been putting them off in the first place 😛 It was a Home Depot run, and a pet store run for the Coops and the Coco, who were otherwise out of food.

Coops has been having some troublems adjusting to this new food, and I *think* actually I know what it is: this new formula has sweet potato as its base, which Coco’s GI tract seems to absolutely love…the Coops guts much less so. I think he needs grain in his diet. The poos, ladies and gents, are not coming out so solid. For Coco, tho, it seems great. She was always having super rock-hard number twos anyway, so going with a “softer” food base is probably perfect for her. Anywho…that’s babies, dogs, and old folks for you right there…diet and poops.

Today WAS supposed to be a work day, but I knew after only getting so much sleep that just wasn’t going to happen. Alas, it’s the truth. So, I’m going to take tomorrow off, and then finish out the month of June with a bang on three straight days of badassery. And, then, I have the first two days of July off, which is perfect for rent, and to take a couple days to re-strategize. Get my bearings.

I have been derailed here for the past two weeks, it’s true…but I’m not feeling totally out of whack. I don’t know how else to say it, except that I know what my priorities are right now, and I’m handling them. I *do* want to be more productive on the writing side of things, and I will. But, the first order of business was to handle my shit, you know? Of course you do.

So, some little things here and there tomorrow, like I want to clean off my desk, replace light bulbs in the building, do some laundry, and watch some movies. Two of them, I think. We’ll see how it goes. And rest. Take a nice long nap, and go to bed early tomorrow night. That always seems to make a huge difference.

Liz just showed me the new crafting she’s done on her planner, which is this whole culture that she’s recently dove into. They’re planners, you know, like daily calendars, that kind of thing…but there’s this whole community or sub-culture of people who take their planners and do all kinds of crafting with them to make them cool and pretty. Like, stamps, and patterened papers and tapes, and laminating, and just all kinds of stuff. So, lately, she seems to do some crafting right before bed, and then she comes and shows me what she’s done. It’s really cool. Very impressed with her craftiness. I definitely don’t have that visual skill 😛

I think that’s it for tonight. Getting to bed around 1:15, which is a plus. Should be able to slightly sleep in as well. I find, though, that 9am is now about the latest I can sleep in since I get up so consistently now at the same time every morning. The body will let me get a half hour extra, but that’s about it.

Fascinating stuff, I know 😛 More tomorrow after a day I’m genuinely looking forward to.