Day 608: One down...

Day 608: One down…

…two more to go. Of the June 2015 work extravaganza.

Today was a rousing success. I was on-time for most of the day, and slipped behind by an hour or so at my worst, which means I still had time to rally at the end and finish. 27 minutes of finished work. It was awesome. Hopefully these math lessons keep up, the definitely make it easier to stay on task.

I offered to host the next writers’ meeting to the group, so we’ll see how that goes down. I’m out here in the valley, and most of them are on the other side of the hill, so I’m not sure it’s going to sit well with the group 😛 But, we’ll see. I’d love to do it. I miss having artist meetings…we used to do them so regularly back in the day…

I was just thinking about how Joe and I used to check in with each other every day a few years ago. That eventually turned into once a week, but man, we bouyed each others’ spirits and keep each other focused and productive for a very long, long time. We were good for each other, different enough to give a different and refreshing perspective, but so similar as to virtually know what the other was thinking at any given time.

I suppose this blog has taken much of that role over in my life. I seem to have less of a hard time motivating myself or keeping myself accountable now that I sit down to write on these pages every day. I think that’s what I like about these entries being public; the accountability. Anyone can read this shit, so if I say I’m going to do something…well, there’s a hell of an incentive to follow through. Or, at least be honest about my failures.

Really, though, all of that honesty is for myself. For when I come back down the road and read about what I was doing and feeling on any given day. It’s the entries where I’m most honest about those things that help me the most. That help future-Ira keep his wits about him, and his nose to the grindstone.

Couldn’t tell you *why* I was in the mode I was, but I was in the mood for late-70s science fiction today, and I watched The Black Hole and Outland back to back. Outland I only ever saw once – it was on some premium channel and the Ho and I watched it together randomly one evening. It’s a solid film. Not a classic, certainly, but really very, very solid. A space western. The Black Hole, for its part, is fucking awsome for the first half of the movie…and then completely falls apart towards the end. Sad, really. Should have been such a fun movie, with a built in Disney ride to boot with that awesome cart-thing they use to get around the ship.

That’s all I have time for tonight. It’s 12:30 and time for bed! Good night. More work tomorrow and the next day. Then, two days off, and a clean slate. Huzzah!