Day 613: A high watermark

Day 613: A high watermark

Man…I freaking *crushed* today. Crushed it. Like, imagine I was really, really huge, super large like a giant, and today was a tiny little mini marshmellow and I came over and fell on it. And it was a super warm day, too, so the mini marshmellow was already melting, and today was obliterated to a mere white stick smudge on my giant-sized shirt. Yeah. That’s what happened today.

I just was really focused. That was it. I also had mostly math lessons today, which are of the “easy” variety…but if you read this blog with any sort of regularity, you know that I’ve struggled even with those lessons to hit my daily goal, or to try and get ahead. Not so today. Somehow, I’m not actually sure when it happened to be honest…but I was in the home stretch of my day, the last 3 hours after dinner…and I realized I was a full hour ahead of my scheduled pace.

I literally cannot remember the last time that happened. So, I took advantage of the situation, worked through that “extra” hour and I did the additional work today that I’d been planning to power through tomorrow.


AND finished a half hour early even on THAT schedule.

I also got two writing hours done today. TWO WRITING HOURS. Holy shit. On a WORK DAY. I’ve…never done that before. I have my outline, the very first rough one, sure, but an OUTLINE for this new pilot done. From start to finish. Ie- step one. I’m so excited and fucking proud of myself…I literally don’t know what to write about it 😛

So yeah…there I was at 10pm with my day completely done, from start to finish. I watched the first half of Jupiter Ascending, which is clearly *clearly* going to be precise the shit festival I thought it was going to be…but hey, at least there were like 3 cool shots of Jupiter looking all swirly and gas-giant-y and badass. No, but seriously…the movie is pretty bad. We’ll see how the second half goes.

Also, truth be told, I had to fight some MAJOR droopy eyes at the keyboard today, wanting so so so very bad to lie down on the floor and take a nap…but I managed to power through, and it was glorious.

That was my day 😛 I watched the Mariners light up the A’s bullpen, which had been really solid for, like, a week up until today…so, you know, they were due to get crushed. But, hey, maybe we’ll win the next two games. We’re certainly capable the way we’re playing right now, tonight’s game notwithstanding. We shall see what happens tomorrow.

For me: more of the same. Another work day. Hopefully just as smooth as today. It doesn’t need to be quite so badass…just smooth. Focused. Determined. I have a plan…I can execute it as long as I just focus on one day at a time, one hour at a time. That was the difference today…I really REALLY focused on hitting my hourly goals. Hour after hour, just hitting *those* goals…then the day completely takes care of itself, you know? Yeah.

Good night!