Day 615: Pipes a burstin'

Day 615: Pipes a burstin’

Yeah, THAT happened today. A call from one of my tenants saying that his was was starting to bubble water. Not good. I had to turn the water off in the building because it was in the walls as opposed to right underneath someone’s drain…ie- it was in with the pipes somewhere, and if it turns out to be a pipe under pressure, it’s my ass if I don’t turn off that water.

Turned out it WAS a drain after all, thank you baby jesus, and I was able to get the water back on tootie-frootie.

Ha! That makes me think of that weird 90s movie The Brave Little Toaster, where they’re in the old “abandoned” cabin and the radio starts singing Little Richard to get everyone jazzed up to clean the place (I think). What a weird movie that was, huh? I wonder if it was, in fact, any good. It was basically the story of Homeward Bound, the movie where the pets all travel through the wilderness to reunite with their family after being left behind. That was another movie I loved as a kid.

Anyway, day started off by taking the pups to the vet, where they all got checked out. Coco did indeed have funky stuff going on with her ears, but the doc thought it was more likely a yeast infection than mites, since those would have spread to Cooper for sure (his ears are squeaky clean). Other than that, Coco is a little butter ball. We’ve been feeding her too much, she was 13.4 pounds, and she should be more like 11.5. Whoops! We’ve already started feeding her less, though. I think we can get her down pretty easily. We always measure their food precisely anyway.

Then we dropped them off and scurried over to the Arclight to watch Terminator: Genisys. It sucked. Not as much as, say, the last one…the one wasn’t boring, at least…but it wasn’t good by any means.

Then, I came home to watch/fast-forward through the A’s game when the pipe call came in. That took up my evening, Joe and I didn’t get to podcast, and I didn’t really get any rest to speak of šŸ˜›

But, oh well. Going to bed Ā full hour early tonight. As in right now. My eyelids are freaking bowling balls at the moment. Night night!