Day 619: Roll it out

Day 619: Roll it out

Fun space art tonight from Chelsey Bonestell

I’d be willing to bet that anyone who works at a desk for any extended period of time has their back hurt after a while. It’s kind of inevitable, right? Like, we’re just not meant to be sitting around for that period of time.

I did some work today, a good three hours or so of work, maybe a bit more…and my back was hurting. Usually my days off are more than enough to recouperate, but I’d chalk this up to kind of a stressful week. I *rarely* have back pain that I notice. I’ve been very fortunate in that regard, to be honest. Today, however, I did notice it. I noticed it even while we were out walking the dogs, and it still hadn’t dissipated by bed time.

SO, I rolled it out. Two squishy balls on the floor, on either side of my spinal column, and then lay me back down upon them and ever so slowly inch my way down and back up again while taking deep breaths. As relaxing, big, long, deep breaths as I possibly can, using each exhale to relax my spine down into those balls as loose and deeply as I can…as if they were sinking straight into my skin.

Well, I recommedn that shit to ANYONE who has back pain, yo. It. Fucking. Works. You can just tell the difference between the trip down the spine and then back up it again. It’s freaking miraculous.

I mean, we’re talking back *soreness* here from muscle being put in positions for too long that they really shouldn’t be. We’re not talking muscle spasms. That’s a related, but rather much more serious beast to tame 😛 But if you’re like me and just feel stiff and sore sometimes, two squishy balls and a floor are your best freaking friends.

Today was a *wonderful* day off. I set myself up a schedule, and I stuck to it. For the most part. A few tweaks here and there throughout the day (like, I didn’t actually take the nap I’d scheduled for myself…I just didn’t need it. Was feeling good), but I got everything done I wanted to.

AND, most importantly, I’m in bed with 10 minutes before midnight. Setting myself up for success, yo. Tomorrow is a work day. Some apartment stuff going to that hopefully doesn’t completely screw me up, god willing…but I’m optimistic it will be a good day. I lost a full day of editing last week, but at least it wasn’t because of anything *I* did. Events beyond my control simply took over. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen again, at least for a little while 😛

Good night, guys. Oh! Writing went well today. Outline is humming along, and I’m feeling pretty fucking confident I will be sitting down to write page one of the first draft next week. Huzzah!